Shoeless Trivia: Physics

I was planning on interrupting the history lesson and doing a math round in honor of Pi Day, but with the death of Stephen Hawking it seems appropriate to shift the focus to physics (which still plenty mathematical).

  1. In Einstein’s familiar equation E=mc2, the c stands for what quantity?
  2. What word for rotational force comes from the Latin meaning “to twist”?
  3. Assuming matter in the Star Trek universe is the same as in ours, the individual pictured below is composed of atoms. Those atoms are composed of smaller particles like protons and neutrons. According to the best current theories, what even smaller particles are the neutrons composed of?physics2
  4. The the type of diagram shown below, a notational device for doing calculations about the interactions for photons and electrons, is named for what iconoclastic physicist who shared his 1965 Nobel Prize with Sin-Itiro Tomonga and Julian Schwinger?physics1
  5. Not Even Wrong is the main title of a book by Peter Woit whose subtitle refers to “The Failure of” what specialty associated with real physicists Brian Greene and Edward Witten and fictional physicist Sheldon Cooper?

  1. speed of light or 3 × 108 (m/s)
  2. torque
  3. quarks
  4. Richard Feynman
  5. string theory


Please use spoiler tags if you play along in the comments.