Riverdale S2E15 “Chapter Twenty-Eight: There Will Be Blood” Liveblog


Last week on The Cabin in The Woods: The TV Series

The Core Four went to The Lodge Lodge (credit: Veronica) to fuck to hang out and relax.

Cheryl tried to come with even tho she hates all of them because she is Cheryl and those two river vixens she hung out with in Season 1 are probably dead.

Cheryl then called Welfare Baby and told him that (by the way, why and how does she have Jughead’s number?) Betty and Archie kissed after getting chased by that killer guy that I guess isn’t important anymore. Why? Because she is Cheryl motherfucker. Don’t you forget it.

Papa Lodge sent his surprisingly skillful yet surprisingly shitty at getting caught limo driver to watch them.

Veronica and Jug kissed to end all the tension and start a ship that maybe 3 people are into.

They almost got robbed by some townies, but after being chased down by human guard dog Archie Andrews, limo driver shot and killed the head Townie.

Cheryl and Toni are probably gonna start dating and I am super into that.

jusging from that script page i can only assume Archie is gonna become the world’s dumbest serial killer this week

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