Shoeless Trivia: Victorian England

Day two of “late 19th century history around the world” trivia takes us to merry old England. Queen Victorian ruled for a loooong time; these questions are focused on the latter part of her reign.

  1. Tennis was introduced at Wimbledon in 1875 and the first championship was played there in 1877. Prior to that, the club was primarily concerned with what sport?
  2. The songs “Strange Brew”, “Sunshine of Your Love”, and “Tales of Brave Ulysses” are all from an album accidentally named for what two-term Conservative Prime Minister and novelist?
  3. In the asymmetric board game Letters from _______, one player plays as Jack the Ripper while the others play as police detectives attempting to catch him before he takes five victims. What proper noun completes the game’s title?
  4. England lost the first in 1881 but won the rematch in 1902 and brought two independent republics under control of the British Crown. What are these two conflicts known as?
  5. In the still below, what Gilbert and Sullivan character is being portrayed (with theatrical aplomb) by Sideshow Bob?vict1

  1. croquet
  2. Benjamin Disraeli
  3. Whitechapel
  4. (First and Second) Boer Wars
  5. Buttercup