“(You Gotta) Strike for Your Right” American Dad! S15 E6

American Dad! Season 15 Episode 6
The Mural of the Story
Grade: B-

A Breaking Bad reverse-watch leads to a scavenger hunt while Haley fights the CIA in a series of near-miss jokes and sub-plots that *almost* but not quite, turn into something more entertaining.

The ‘reversos’ sub-plot should probably have been more fun than it was, although the payoff of $100 and the embalmed corpse of Vince Gilligan were an episode highlight. Weird, wall-climbing meat aside, so was the man-eating wolverine bit in Stan and Haley’s subplot. The episode MVP, though, was probably Bullock Home Alone-ing Stan, even if it lacked much of a punch.

Turning Haley into a hostage felt a bit pat, although Stan’s rabble rousing was a little entertaining. It felt like something of a waste to have CIA factions on display and not have a bit more infighting.

Random Observations
• “Reversos!”