Shoeless Trivia: Belle Époque

This is the first of several categories this week that will cover roughly the same period from the perspective of several different countries. Nous commençons en France.

  1. What “roi des hommes de la frontière” brought his popular show to Paris for the 1889 Exposition Universelle, performing just a few kilometers from the newly opened Eiffel Tower?
  2. The title by which this Degas painting is known today refers to the liquid in the glass. Name that liquid, a spirit so popular in Belle Époque France that 5 p.m. came to be known as l’heure verte, “the green hour”.bellep2
  3. In 1898 Émile Zola published an open letter in the newspaper L’Aurore charging the French government of misconduct and antisemitism in jailing Alfred Dreyfus for espionage. By what name is this letter generally known?
  4. Though no scientist himself (he was only nine years old at the time of his contribution), Joesph Meister is associated with what medical breakthrough?
  5. Poules et coqs, Tortues, and Le cygne are the titles of three of the fourteen movements that comprise what musical suite by Camille Saint-Saëns? This work is often presented alongside works by Prokofiev and Britten that were written with a similar purpose.

  1. Buffalo Bill Cody
  2. absinthe
  3. J’accuse…!
  4. rabies vaccine
  5. The Carnival of the Animals (Le carnaval des animaux)


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