Sunday Food Thread Lingers in the Cereal Aisle 3/11

I was at the grocery store with my wife today and almost took out my phone to snap a picture in the cereal aisle but was struck by self-consciousness and didn’t do it so we’ve got a swiped header from the weblands.

What’s your take on breakfast cereal? Even though I’m an old bugger I still enjoy a bowl of cereal, but I did leave the sugar bombs behind many years ago. These days about the sweetest one I’ll eat is Frosted Mini-Wheats, I don’t eat anything with “Bran” in the name though, I’m not about to go so gently into that good night! Cheerios and Corn Flakes (I really like those crushed up as an ice cream topping) are almost always in our pantry, also Chex and every now & then Grape Nuts (what the hell does that even mean?) Flakes  can be found there.

Hot cereal- I also like farina (Cream of Wheat, Malt-O Meal, whatever you want to call it). I get it in the bulk or ethnic sections of the store where it’s not as colorfully packaged or highly priced and will dress it up with honey and/or peanut butter. I like oatmeal too, but it really needs some help in the flavor department so fruit (fresh cut or dried), honey, syrup, whatever, it’s all fair game.

So what do you say, thumbs up or down for cereal? And as always, tell us what’s on your plate!