The Weekly Pun Thread is Going Nuts!

Welcome back to the Weekly (most of the time) Pun Thread, where today we learn of a woman who found a little bonus insider her bag of cashews:

It’s enough to make anyone go nuts: finding a bloody tooth in a bag of cashews.

That’s what a woman in Ravenna, Ohio, claimed happened one night last month while she was munching cashews as she drove in her car with her mom.

Nickolette Botsford said she suddenly felt something hard in her mouth.

She said she picked out the hard piece and gave it to her mother, who turned on the interior light to examine it. The two were shocked to see what appeared to be a human tooth.

“I got very upset, I was crying, I threw up two or three times,” Botsford told local station WOIO-TV.

A hospital confirmed the object was a human tooth, Botsford said, and noted a spot of dried blood on it.

Mr. Peanut has so far declined comment.