Shoeless Trivia: Art

Ooooooh, pretty pictures.

  1. Henri Matisse is often associated with what early 20th century art movement? The movement, whose name derives from the French for “wild beasts”, tends towards the abstract and is characterized by wild brush strokes and bright colors.
  2. What city is depicted in the El Greco work shown below?art4
  3. Though the two paintings shown below are similar in style and content, they are by different artists. The one on the left is by Pablo Picasso. Who is the one on the right by?art3
  4. Salma Hayek played Frida Kahlo in the 2002 biopic Frida. Her husband, also an esteemed Mexican painter who is best known for his murals, was played by Alfred Molina. What was his name?
  5. The title of the work shown below is “Napoleon Leading the Army over the Alps”. Give both the name of the contemporary artist who painted it and the name of the artist whose work it references.art1

[spoiler title=Answers]

  1. fauvism
  2. Toledo (Spain)
  3. George Braque
  4. Diego Rivera
  5. Kehinde Wiley, Jacques-Louis David


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