Atlanta: S02E02 “Sportin’ Waves”

Although Atlanta doesn’t air until 10 pm, I thought it might be fun to highlight different aspects of the series in advance of each episode, especially for those of us not able to watch live.

Today’s header image is picked to honor the gorgeously lush composition of every single landscape shot in this series. Atlanta has a real knack for using its setting to evoke the artistry of the mundane. One amazing season 1 example of this is in “The Streisand Effect”:

I love the first image without reserve. Even though we can’t yet see Earn and Darius, the wall immediately communicates everything that they would tell us about their own situation, from the heat that’s surely rising from the asphalt below to their own feelings about trying to navigate a system they know is designed to exploit them. And yet you almost don’t notice this, because the shot is so beautiful by itself. I love the way the yellow of the Cash for Gold sign brassily (goldly?) contrasts with the blue behind it, while the red of the layaway program poster makes it almost an afterthought, even though it provides the deeper contrast that centers and grounds the image.

Feel free to use this thread to share your favorite Atlanta landscape shot, discuss “Sportin’ Waves” without the expectation that everyone is watching live, or just scroll through comments while idly contemplating how great Lakeith Stanfield is. See you on the other side.