This Wednesday Political Post Is Just Anti-Depressants, Okay?

Let’s do this…it’s okay if you need anti-depressants.

1. Nunberg gets subpoenaed, loses it on multiple networks, agrees to comply. This should tell you state of conservatism in this country is that people are trying to spin this utter meltdown into the liberal media attacking this poor man.

“By the way, you know I’m the number one trending person on Twitter?”

I know it’s utterly shocking this person worked for Donald Trump.

2. Kellyanne breaks the law specifically the Hatch act. It’s hard to care since I am certain nothing will happen to her.

3. Gary Cohn dives off a sinking ship that is also on fire that is infested with rats. The media is trying to analyze this inexplicable decision.

4. Ted Cruz already irrelevant to the GOP might be DOA in Texas.

5. The GOP hate Trump’s tariffs but they are between a rock and white supremacy.