Sports Corner – March 7

The sports world mourns two very different figures.

Roger Bannister was the first man to run a mile in less than four minutes.  In its time, this was huge, long before it became commonplace and before track and field became something of a footnote in the US.  Malcolm Gladwell briefly summarizes what made it special:

Davide Astori was not as famous, certainly to us soccer troglodytes in the US.  But he was a star in his native Italy, and was only 31, a shock to Serie A and Italy’s fans coming at a moment of national political upheaval.

Condolences to the fans and friends and families of both.

Elsewhere in SportsWorld:

  • The NFL Combine is over, and the “new year” nears
  • Spring training is in full swing, with starting lineups and rotations coming into focus
  • The playoff picture in the NBA West is surprisingly fluid, even as the East is pretty much locked in
  • Phil Mickelson wins a tourney!
  • Four days till it’s time to make the brackets!

And a special note: last week and for the first time, my alma mater Yeshiva University made the Division III basketball playoffs.  Where they promptly lost in the first round.  But it was really cool to see the team do well. Even if it reminded me of my age since two of the players were sons of someone who was on the team when I went there.

As ever, all topics welcome.