3/5/18 Legends of Tomorrow Live Chat

No Country for Old Dads

When Damien and Nora Darhk take Ray hostage they force him to try and fix the Fire Totem, but Ray tries to use the power struggle between them to his advantage. Ray and Nora find themselves working together in 1960’s East Germany in order to fix the totem, but soon come face to face with a younger and deadlier version of Damien Darhk. Meanwhile, Sara seems to be taking positive steps in her personal life.

I think Ray was captured way back in season 1 in a similar plot. But even if that’s true I think the writers have learned to handle it better. At least we might get two Damien Darhks which means two scene chewing Neal McDonoughs. Also, I worry that someone is going to be fridged in the Sara subplot at some point. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

Anyway, here’s the live chat