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The Weekend Politics Thread Could Use a Weekend

♫ It’s your life
And you can do what you want
Do what you like
But please don’t keep a-me waiting
Please don’t keep a-me waiting ♫

Passion meets aggression in this wheedling warble of teen lust. Just as Ray Davies issues the ultimatum to his hesitant girlfriend, your humble WPT host wants congressional Republicans to know that this loyal opposition from the out-party just will not work out unless they decide to screw over Trump and his felonious Cabinet members.

True, House Oversight Committee Trey Gowdy did finally pledge to open an investigation into the black guy at HUD, but what of rampant first-class flight abuses, Javanka’s bribers, and the outright theft of federal/sacred Native American land for mining companies? One would almost think that the current leadership in Washington, DC, wants us sans-culottes to oil up the guillotines.

Instead, no matter how revoltingly we comport ourselves, we wait for highest-level indictments from Special Counsel Robert Mueller. By now, the teasing amounts to edging, but we hang in, knowing that the final release of charging documents will shatter us in the best way possible.

And when the metaphorical legal axe falls, we can all join in a rousing chorus of “Death of Clown.”*,**

Pulling out of working blue, Uvular must admit that the situation has grown exhausting. He started bingeing the fourth season of Z Nation last night, which induced zombie dreams. Guess who showed up in his head meat as the squawking dead?

No one wins any prizes for guessing Trump and his Trumpists. Their remorseless assaults on the rule of law, common decency, basic facts, and the concept that personal actions should have personal consequences makes them deadlier than sharks and more annoying than moths.*** They possess no particular set of skills beyond persisting in doing wrong longer and harder than the people who would do right can sustain rectitude.

At least the Weekend Politics Thread lasts longer than four hours without requiring anyone to consult a physician. Which gets us back into ribaldry and sophomoric japery. Join in.


*Some clowns suffered harm during the production of this header essay.
**The Weekend Politics Thread proudly gives Ray and Dave equal time every time.
***Full disclosure, Uvular suffers full-blown lepidopterophobia. He’d rather get locked in a room full of the undead than spend a second in a butterfly garden dealing with thousands of those flittery fuckers.