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Heavy Side Up Weekly Discussion

Welcome to the lucky 13th installment of Heavy Side Up!

This week, we’re highlighting some awesome female-fronted bands, which is sadly still not a particularly common thing to come by in the heavy music scene.

First up is Oceans of Slumber, one of the most interesting bands in the progressive metal scene today, whose new album, The Banished Heart, is their best work yet. Their songs are immaculately crafted journeys that completely absorb the listener. The soft parts affecting, the heavy parts crushing, and the entire album immersive and engaging from start to finish. You’ll need a Spotify account to listen to the following album stream in full (unfortunately, there was no Bandcamp stream for me to embed), otherwise, here is a list of services/links where you can hear the album:

Next up is Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It by the ever-impressive British mathcore band Rolo Tomassi. Fierce, unpredictable and wildly experimental, this band have been producing interesting and unusual music for the past decade now, with this new album being the fifth in their remarkably consistent discography:

Other recommended releases this week include the debut album by Italian metal band The Critical Failure, who have a very interesting take on progressive metal, a new album by the fantastic Swedish black metal/post-metal/crust act We Dream Alone, and a new EP by Australian deathcore band I, Valiance, whose sound is gloriously putrid and utterly unpredictable. Also of note is the new album by Titus Andronicus, who have drifted far from their punk roots at this point, but are producing some truly brilliant music.

This week also saw new albums released by French black metal band Ætheria Conscientia, German blackened hardcore band Ancst, solo heavy metal artist Andrew W.K., French black metal band Aorlhac, Canadian death metal/goregrind band Ashed, Swedish gothic metal band Ashes and Rain, Australian black metal band Atra Vetosus, Slovenian trash/heavy metal band Big Bad Wolf, progressive metal band Binding Light, solo heavy metal artist Blaze Bayley, blackened sludge metal band Cavernlord, Greek black metal band Chaoscraft, Portugese progressive death metal band Colosso, progressive metalcore band Constance, German black metal band Cruda Sorte, stoner rock band Dead Meadow, German folk metal band Draconisgena, German thrash metal band Empiresfall, deathcore band Eternal Void, Slovakian black metal band Ex Anima, Finnish symphonic metal band eXsaints, Japanese death metal band Gorevent, British metalcore band Heaven Asunder, Canadian metalcore band Iliad, death/sludge metal band Ilsa, French melodic death metal band In Arkadia, Belarusian progressive metal act In Search For, Italian industrial metal band Infection Code, German thrash metal band Insulter, an Iron Reagan/Gatecreeper split, black metal band Lidande, Norwegian hard rock band Lillebror, Greek progressive metal band Mad John the Wise, Brazillian heavy metal band Mad Roulette, death metal band Mass Casualty, German hard rock guitarist Michael Schenker Fest, Scottish heavy metal band Midnight Force, Swedish death metal band Morbid Illusion, sludge/doom metal duo Nest, Japanese power metal band Passcode, German doom/sludge metal band Phantom Winter, Dutch melodic death metal band Purest of Pain, Czech metalcore band Recode the Subliminal, Spanish groove metal band Replyca, hard rock band Sault, German industrial metal band Schattenmann, punk band Second Player Score, sludge/doom metal band Sixes, British blackened death metal band Slugdge, Canadian instrumental prog metal solo artist Stephane Filion, hardcore band Stone, British hard rock band Stone Broken, hard rock band Subsonic, groove metal band Suffer to Live, Swedish hard rock band Svartanatt, hardcore band Trail of Lies, French punk band Traverse, Polish black/thrash metal band Voidhanger, blackened deathcore band Xehanort, and British thrash metal band XIII.

As far as EPs go, we got new releases from Colombian speed/thrash metal band Age of Reborn, Canadian post-hardcore band The Burden, doom/death metal band Burial Stone, Ukrainian brutal death metal band Fleshgore, death metal band Furnace Born, post-hardcore band Lonely Avenue, thrash metal band Masada, metalcore/post-hardcore band Never I, British metalcore band On Hollow Ground, Australian post-hardcore band Patient Sixty-Seven, alternative/electronic metal band Phrenia, post-hardcore band Savage Hands, British stoner metal band Strauss, German post-hardcore band This Heals Nothing, and Swedish death metal band Witchlore.

So, what have you been rocking out to?

BONUS QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Who are your favourite female-fronted acts in the scene?