The Friday Politics Thread Imposes A Tariff On Comments

Good morning everyone, and Happy Friday!


Once again, our Bozo-In-Chief manages to make a terrible decision against all common sense.  How does this guy manage to be so consistently terrible?  I don’t really expect anything less, of course, but you’d think that once in a while, he’d stumble into a decent policy or directive.  But nope.


All terrible!  All of the time!

What’s it going to take to sink this presidency?  A sub-30% approval rating?  Mueller findings?  An all too obvious picture of Trump and Putin smiling and shaking hands over a model of America on fire?  (“Look, he’s shaking things up!  MAGA!”  – Trumpists, after viewing that picture, probably).

It really feels like this should’ve ended months ago, or never started to begin with, preferably.


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