Supernatural: S13E10 – “Wayward Sisters”

     Welcome to a review from an episode that I previously missed. (Don’t worry, I’m getting this out because I’ve been working on it off and on over the past two weeks, but I’ll still also be doing the episode that airs tomorrow, to be posted on the weekend!) This time I’m tackling the 10th episode of the season, which is also a backdoor pilot for the new show entitled Wayward Sisters. I am tackling this one today because I already had the notes made previously but that was the week that my computer died and so I wasn’t able to get it typed up and posted online. (And I’ve typed up my notes as I made them at the time, even though some things may have been explained or fleshed out since then, so remember that!) Episodes 2 3 and 4 of the season are still pending and hopefully I’ll be able to get to those before the end of the season. I also chose to tackle this one today because I’m really excited about this new series that will most likely get picked up. And I’m really excited about having a series so full of kick-ass women, especially one that came about from a series that doesn’t always treat its women the best. It’s great to see the women who are left get something that they can sink their teeth into. (Charlie would have been such a great addition to this show! Just sayin’!) So let’s get to the new show and the Wayward Sisters!

The Road So Far:

    For this one I’m just going to leave links to the character pages for all the women on the Supernatural Wiki because that will give you all of the episodes that they appeared in but it also has a written overview so you don’t necessarily have to look at every episode recap, you can just read the character bios, that’s the most important thing. So here are the links for the pages for Alex,Claire,Jody,Donna, Patience and Kaia. You’ll also need to know what happened in the episode before this (13.09’s “The Bad Place”) and where we left Kaia and the boys at the end of that episode. There’s also a pretty big callback in this episode to the very first episode of the first season of Supernatural; a fitting beginning to a spin-off.


    So we start with a young girl who is being held by a couple of monsters (we’re not sure at this point what kind) and the one likes to play with his food apparently. So he tells her a knock knock joke right before there’s a knock on the door and the joke is inverted. I am such a sucker for stuff like this, love it! I don’t have the hate-on a lot of fans have for Claire, but this was the first time I really loved the character and Kathryn Newton’s portrayal of her. Seems Claire’s now a badass and she beats the monsters and saves the little girl and returns her to her family.

    The scene when Claire returns the little girl to her mother is interesting. It is, after all, a little girl who looks much like Claire did all those years ago when we first met her. Returning a little girl like that to a loving Mom would resonate with Claire who maybe realized her Dad was lost forever, but who chased her Mom down afterwards, trying to reclaim that happy life they had pre-Castiel. Then after that reunion, Claire gets a call from her adopted Mom, asking her to return to a stable, happy home, which Claire always wanted, but now that she has it, she has been avoiding it. It’s interesting as well that Claire was sent to Jody after finally being reunited with her Mom (then losing her), and now she’s returning to Jody after reuniting a look-alike with her Mom. And by the end, we’ll see Claire embrace this home, like this look-alike is embracing her Mom, though maybe not for the same reasons.

    So the reason Jody calls Claire is because “it’s Sam and Dean, they’re missing. They were on a hunting trip and I haven’t heard from them for a few days.” Well, if I love that knock knock call back, you can imagine how much I love this call back! In case you don’t remember, this was a line that Dean said to Sam right at the beginning of the very first episode of the series. Only that time it was about their Dad on a hunting trip and Dean was trying to get Sam back out on the road with him. Well, we all know how that turned out…badly, it turned out very very badly! (For the boys anyway, turned out very well for the fans!)

    Claire comes home to find that Patience has showed up at Jody’s because she saw Claire being killed. Claire doesn’t seem much impressed, and leaves to work on finding Kaia. And Kaia is just now being rescued from the ditch by an ambulance.

    Claire comes to see Alex and after some sister drama, Claire asks about getting into the hospital database of patients to look for signs of the boys. “Nothing, from Metal Gods to obscure Hair Bands, nothing!” Ha! Love that they know them so well. So Claire wants to search for Kaia, but no luck on that name, so she asks about searching for Jane Does. Alex already searched for that and got nothing, but she looks again. (But unlike all the other names she has also already searched for, this is the only one she runs again…plot needs!)  And suddenly, oh look! a Jane Doe was just brought into this very Hospital! So Claire is off to see if it’s Kaia.

    Of course it is Kaia and she’s trying to get out of the hospital as soon as possible to avoid the cops. Claire confronts her about Sam and Dean and Kaia is not interested. They did hold her hostage AT GUNPOINT and the boys and Jack got her into this whole mess in the first place. Remember that! Without the boys, she’s still safe in rehab. If not happy, at least safe.

    Coming out of the hospital, Kaia is confronted by the insect-y thing we saw watching her at the ambulance. Claire, right behind Kaia, tries to kill it, but not knowing alien anatomy, doesn’t do a great job and gets knocked out of the way. Just when we think it’s going to get Kaia, nope! Jody’s there to shoot it in the (leg?) which slows it long enough for Claire to make the kill stab in the right place this time.

    Smart girls! They bring the body back to Jody’s to dissect it and learn more about it before disposing of it. Wait, shouldn’t Alex be at work still though? I mean, nursing shifts usually don’t end after a few hours! While the rest are looking over the body, Claire is questioning Kaia about the monsters. They bond over monster scars and Claire gets the whole story about what happened. They come back into the garage to fill everyone else in and reveal that the door to the other world is still open and Claire feels they can find it and rescue the boys. Kaia is like “No!” and I thought it was because she’s a sensible girl who doesn’t want to rescue the boys who kidnapped her AT GUNPOINT, but it’s just because she thinks that they’ll already be dead over there. Kaia, your good sense is slipping!

    Cut to a very alive Sam and Dean. Now, on first watch, I thought the animal they had spitted and roasted over the fire was one of the “insect-y” things that tracked Kaia to the other world, which was a great visual gag! Here they are so dangerous, yet our boys have not only killed one, they roasted it and are trying out the taste of victory! On second watch, I paused to make a note and realized it was a large chameleon looking thing. Well that makes Dean’s “It’s a lizard, it tastes like a lizard.” comment make a bit more sense. I just thought I didn’t get the insect designation right in the first place, even with the chittering. But I like my version better!

    So Dean is eating, what else is new, Sam is…not so much. Sam is on Dean to keep moving, looking for the door. Dean is on the side of adaptation since the last door only stayed open for a few hours and they’ve already been in this place two days. Two days! Time moves much faster here than back in our universe. (How long has Mary been in the other place?) Which makes a bit more sense of the flickers of time that occurred at the end of last episode. In one flick the black figure was far away, another flick and it’s up in front of us. So, if the boys really haven’t killed one of the bugs then did they all go to our Earth? (Haha, “Bugs”! This episode of bugs is better than the first time around!) If all the bugs went to our world, why are there so few of them? Dean does say they’re in monsterland, so what have they seen? Maybe it’s just what they’ve heard, as a monster roars and Dean asks Sam if it seems closer. Whatever the answer, it’s the same old boys! Sam ever hopeful and Dean pragmatic AF. Reason number 37 why I identify with Dean. (It’s a low number because it occurred early on in the series.) I love that even running from the approaching monster, Dean goes back to grab the food. That is so very Dean. (And totally improvised by Jensen Ackles. Does he understand his character or what!) Even in another world he’s gotta shove food into his mouth hole non-stop.

    As they leave, the black robed figure with the sword/spear that we saw in Patience’s vision and in the “time flickers” from last episode steps out and reveals they’ve been spying on the boys. They aren’t interested in the fire the boys started, so I guess this world is above caveman level of technological development.

    Back in Sioux Falls, Patience is packing to leave. Her comment that “If I go now, maybe my Dad will take me back” is such a sad one. I hate that this is something that people have had to deal with in real life as well, leaving to be true to themselves, then having the thought that maybe if they go back and admit they were wrong, (when they aren’t) they might be let back in after being told not to return. Patience doesn’t feel like she has a place here with the girls either right now, as she has already delivered the message she came to deliver and she isn’t much of a fighter. Alex, of all people, who always wanted nothing to do with hunting, pretty much tries to talk her into staying. It’s framed as if Alex is just showing that this is what Patience really wants and that going home is not really an option, but it comes off as Alex trying to talk her into it. Alex: “You don’t have to be a fighter, I’m not, not really. We help in other ways.” Interesting point and I’ll get back to that later.

    Patience is still not interested and leaves, but has another vision of the bugs breaking into Jody’s so she goes back to warn them. Claire wants to stay and fight, but she’s overruled. The bugs break in, but the girls are long gone and Claire is just watching from the home security cams.

    It’s now morning and the girls are stopping for a breather and to meet up with the backup that Jody has called in. Sheriff Donna! Donna is looking more and more like a hunter every time we see her. And love her license plate, D train! So the ladies take a minute to question Kaia to see if they can figure out where she last saw the boys. And I just want to take this moment to say that as a person who has hair that can’t decide if it wants to  be curly, wavy or straight, and often insists on being all three at the same time, even with intense styling efforts, I am super envious of the effortless  curls that Yadira Guevara-Prip seems to possess! Okay, break’s over, they figured out where the boys went missing and Jody tells Claire to hang back and protect the other girls while she and Donna go check things out. Jody expects a fight, but surprisingly, Claire doesn’t give her one.

    Back with the boys, Dean has really stepped in it! Like, literally stepped in…it…you know, **it! They hear a noise, then bam! They’re attacked by the figure in black. They get their asses handed to them, which is fairly rare (plot needs aside). Especially this easily, without either of them landing a blow. Especially especially because they don’t get to prove themselves superior later in the episode by outsmarting or defeating the thing that captured them. Though they did deserve a beating from the person that took them hostage, that’s for sure.

    Back in our world, Jody and Donna have found Baby. Poor girl! She looks so lonely! They go on to the ship to look for the doorway. I absolutely love Donna but if she’s going to be more than a recurring character on the new show, I hope they tone down her Minnesota-isms. I think it could get to be too much to have it this full blast every week.

    Back with the girls, Kaia and Claire have some more bonding time when Claire tells her that the difference between thinking you’re going to die and knowing it is pretty big. I think most people would agree. Yet, she also wants to save Sam and Dean if she can because they saved her (a few times). Kaia tells her that if she goes to the Bad Place to save the boys, she would go with her. What? “Maybe together we can save them!” What? These are the two boys who KIDNAPPED HER AT GUNPOINT (nope, never gonna give this up!) and got her into this whole mess in the first place! Why is she now so willing to jump into her nightmare, the place she took copious amounts of drugs to avoid, to save these two guys who brought a nightmare to her in this world? Surely there was a better way to get her to the other world, one more consistent with the character. Once there, Claire can convince her it’s in her best interest to help so that they can get home. If they wanted me to buy this, they needed to do more development to get me to this point. They did not.

    Back at the boat, Donna and Jody find the doorway. Donna thought this was a recon, a find and report back mission. Jody however, has had a full on rescue mission in mind the whole time. She thinks if she goes to rescue the boys, Claire won’t, which saves Claire. She’s lost one child already and is not ready to lose another. Before they can get on the same page, they’re interrupted by the bugs and have to run.

    In the Bad Place, Sam and Dean come to, tied up to a couple of trees. The figure in black shows up and strikes the large skull (which sounds more “metallic-y” than “bone-y”) with their handy sword-spear-quarterstaff…which I totally want. Then they leave. Dean figures out that he and Sam are intended to be food for one of the monsters of monsterland. (Smart!Dean makes an appearance! Love it!)

    Checking in with the girls, Jody isn’t answering when Claire calls, so they decide to go check on her. Meanwhile, Jody and Donna are trapped in an old car while the bugs swarm outside. Just when they decide they’ve got to attack and maybe die over stay put and die for sure, a flamethrower takes out the bugs at the car. It’s Claire and the girls! The gang’s all here, so it’s time to get them all to the doorway, which is getting smaller. Claire says she needs to go and Jody tells her she knows. Downstairs, Donna, Alex and Patience are arming themselves when a large number of bugs find them. They go on the attack and Donna, the only real fighter there at the moment, calls to Jody for some help. Jody is torn between going to help and stopping Claire but she does finally give Claire her blessing. Kaia hesitates to go with Claire. (As she should! Remember how the boys KIDNAPPED HER AT GUNPOINT?) But Claire promises to protect her, so they go over together and Jody goes to help Donna.

    Claire and Kaia find the boys (How? What does Kaia know of this place?) and they cut them loose. The boys see Kaia and ask about Jack and Kaia tells them she thinks he’s with their Mom in the other world. The roaring comes back louder than ever, so it’s time to leave.

    On the boat, the girls get ready to defend their position from the bugs. Back in the Bad Place, Kaia hears the figure in black coming, so she throws Claire out of the way, only to take the spear in the gut herself and dies. At this point I was a bit pissed that another great female character with a great actor playing her was just unceremoniously killed off. I had been so hoping she would be one of the Wayward girls! What a lost opportunity! I was a bit less upset by the end of the episode, but it’s still not the same. I still think that this Kaia would have been a great addition to the show and I’m sad for what will never be with this character. Especially with her blossoming friendship with Claire.

    As the boys stand guard while Claire tries to help Kaia, (then mourns) the figure in black, now weaponless against the two armed boys, seems unfazed. Maybe that’s because her pet monster is just now making it to the party. The girls are still defending themselves on the boat and we cut back and forth between them and the boys in the Bad Place. (A nice visual call back to the “time flickers” at the end of last episode.) The boys are watching the monster approach, until Claire gets up and tries to go after the figure in black to avenge Kaia. The boys stop her and drag her back through the doorway. The doorway closes after they come through, so Claire can’t get back to avenge Kaia, or get her body, so she’s upset and Jody comforts her. This is the picture Patience saw in her vision, so was Claire really dead in the vision, but Patience telling Claire averted that, but still gave us the same “visual” in order to fulfill the vision? Or did Patience misinterpret her vision and her telling Claire made it come true, and got Kaia killed? From the look on her face, I’d guess the latter, but I’d also guess it’s something we’ll see play out in the upcoming new show. How does she interpret her visions? Does acting on them stop anything or does it make things worse? All good things for character exploration.

    One note: just now, as I’m going over the episode again, I’m noticing that there is still blood flowing from Kaia’s wounds. (Long after her “death”.) Is this just a Hollywood moment where they do something wrong for emotional effect, or does this mean something? Is it possible our Kaia isn’t actually dead? Did the other Kaia save her? We’ll see I guess.

    So Claire is pretty broken up over not keeping Kaia safe like she promised. Hope Dean and Sam are feeling a bit of that guilt too, as they’re the ones who dragged her into all of this in the first place, and KIDNAPPED HER AT GUNPOINT, remember? Cuz the show seems to think we don’t, that the long hiatus will have wiped that from our heads!

    So the boys warn Jody that the rift had been open for a while and more of the creatures from the other world may have come over. It seems the boys did see some stuff over there, as they call it “a whole new world of bad.” Jody promises them that they can handle Sioux Falls if the boys have got the rest of the world. So I guess that’s the premise of the new show, fighting the new stuff that came over from the Bad Place. Great! It frees them up to let their imagination fly when it comes to the bad guys, and fans from Supernatural won’t just be getting the same old monsters in the new show. This bodes well in my opinion. It will be just the same enough to attract people who love Supernatural, yet different enough to be its own thing. I like it. Now if only they still had Kaia….

    Claire is writing in her hunter’s notebook at the end when Jody comes in to comfort her. Claire tells Jody how she’s upset over how she didn’t protect Kaia and how she was wrong to rush in without a plan. She tells Jody that she now gets why Jody is so overprotective of her. Yes Claire, losing someone you’ve known less than 24 hours, even if you did say you’d protect them, is just like losing a husband and child early, then through an extraordinary set of circumstances, gaining two daughters, only to have one of them go into hunting, a super dangerous profession. And you know exactly how dangerous it is, so you want to help and protect them so you don’t lose another child. Yes Claire, those are exactly the same! *headdesk* (Though it’s exactly what a teenager would think!) Jody tells Claire: “When you’re ready, if you want, we’re all here for you.” I’m sure that is (at least closely paraphrased, if not exact) from another episode somewhere, but I can’t remember for sure. Does anybody else remember if this quote has been used before in the show, and if so, where it’s from?

    Turns out Claire isn’t quite as broken up as she says, she’s sticking around not because she’s not ready to fight, but because she wants the rest of the family to help her get the figure in black. She doesn’t care what it takes, she’s going to get vengeance. Lucky for her, she won’t have to “tear a hole in the universe” to go get the figure in black, as the figure in black has already done just that and is now here in our world. And just whose face is under that hood? It’s Kaia! So yay!? We will have a version of Kaia, but what is that version like? This reveal explains a lot, like why Kaia was drawn to the Bad Place all the time. Seems like other Kaia was a pretty big deal over there. But it also opens up a lot of new questions. Will other Kaia play any role in the rest of the Supernatural season or is she strictly for Wayward Sisters now? Will the Wayward Sisters also play any part in the rest of this season? Or are we just expected to hang on to all of this until next fall? It’s weird because Kaia and dream walking is so tied to this current season of the show. Any other thing, it would make sense to leave it for the new show, but there is just so much here that is still relevant to Supernatural that it leaves it open. Yet Supernatural still has a lot of plot that has been on the back burner in order to focus on this backdoor pilot. Michael in the other world trying to come here, Mary as his prisoner and now also maybe Jack. Jack and his powers that everyone wants. The Multi-Universe conflict  Billy told Dean he and Sam are at the center of. Cas and Lucifer trapped in Hell and both of them willing to do anything to fulfill their fatherly duties to Jack. Asmodeus and his control of Hell and his desire to release the Shedim using Jack. (When making my notes for this episode, I actually had to put a blank for Asmodeus and Shedim because I couldn’t remember the names, that’s how long ago they last appeared! I did write these notes up the day after the episode aired, I just couldn’t type or post it because of technical difficulty.) There are a lot of plot threads dangling and ready to be picked back up. Do they have room for a rogue dreamwalker in that mess? Yet can they afford not to use her (if that’s even possible) now that they’re fighting a multi-universal battle? I guess we will find out the answers to these questions as the season continues. It just seems like this story isn’t quite “done” in the Supernatural narrative just yet.

    Since this is more an episode of the upcoming Wayward Sisters than an episode of Supernatural, let’s talk for a second about the upcoming show. I already touched on how it seems like the new show will have a whole new universe of baddies to explore, which I think is a very smart move. But I also want to touch on something Alex said to Patience this episode about how she didn’t have to be a fighter to contribute to this family. This line also excited me a lot in anticipation for the new show, because it means there will be room for everyone to be an integral part of the show, and not everything will be about fighting. It means there will be room for cast expansion, even if there is also character death. (Hopefully not too much of that!) Much as I love the boys, (okay, Dean, I love Dean, but Dean loves Sam, so I also love Sam!) their weird, strongly interdependent relationship that enables each other in their worst behaviors and tends to exclude others from their world is pretty acknowledged, even legendary, in the fandom. The writers, (who made them that way) also refused to let others penetrate that twosome to become more than a recurring character, or if they did penetrate any closer, they didn’t last very long. (Except for the exceptions who prove the rule: Bobby, Cas and Crowley. And even they only worked because they had places to be for the most part that were not with the boys.) So the boys seem destined to be a permanent duo. This seems to work for them, even if it sometimes hasn’t been the best thing for the show, if you get what I mean? There have definitely been moments when the show has made plot decisions that don’t make sense in order to get the boys back together (or split them up) or insert some drama into the relationship. Likewise, the show has forgone character development to get them back in place together sooner, or they’ve had the characters make decisions that go against character in order to serve the needs of the show. It’s like, if Sam and Dean existed, of course they would only have each other, so telling their story honestly means keeping them a duo. Yet in order to tell the story as a compelling TV show, they also have to inject certain decisions and behaviors to heighten drama for entertainment that you don’t feel would be accurate if these guys did exist. There’s a constant fight between telling their story honestly and telling a compelling story. It’s really hard to keep a show going with only two characters, so it did concern me a bit at the beginning of the episode when Claire was acting like a pure Dean substitute and Jody and Claire were doing that same old Sam and Dean “you’re my family and I’ll do anything to save or protect you because I can’t bear to lose you, I’ve already lost so much” dance. They didn’t show much of Alex in the “Then” section, so I really thought that Alex would step in to do what she needed to do to help Jody and protect her sister and would end up being killed in Claire’s place, leaving Jody and Claire to go off as the hunting duo. (With supporting cast aid from Sheriff Donna, psychic Patience and Dream Walker Kaia.) I’m glad I was wrong, and given what Alex said, I’m more hopeful that this show will be much more collaborative than its parent show. And that makes sense as women tend to be more collaborative than men in general and this is a cast of women. I don’t know why I was so worried, everything I’ve seen so far about the new show I’ve liked up to this point and a more collaborative show is exactly what the fans have always wanted and talked about when discussing the “Wayward” show. (It had a few names and some different casts {that I’ve seen}, like the kids from 8.18’s “Freaks and Geeks” but this seems to be the most common version and the one that we ended up with.) Just like we don’t need just another show about the traditional monsters, we don’t need another story about a small, duo of a family out on the road, not settling down or letting people get too close.

    From what Jody also said, about caring for Sioux Falls, it seems the new show will be about a collective family, in one place, fighting to defend their home against an alien invasion. (In some ways, almost the complete opposite of the premise of the show that spawned it). Some will provide intel from visions (Patience) or computers (Alex). Some will fight (Jody, Claire, sometimes Donna*{probably more than sometimes after seeing the next episode}*) and some will patch them up afterwards and do alien autopsies (also Alex). I’m very much looking forward to seeing how Patience fits herself into this already existent family dynamic and how she deals with figuring out her power and how it works. I look forward to seeing how Alex deals with supporting her warrior Mom and sister from the sidelines while having to maintain a full-time job. How does Jody deal with a bunch of kids who are always in danger and can she still be Sheriff while watching out for them full-time? How will Claire deal with being a more full-time family member, stuck at home rather than out on the road, and hiding the fact she’s trying to get back to another world to avenge Kaia?

    And what about Other!Kaia? Was she controlling the monsters in the other world? Will she be upset that our ladies killed all of her bugs? Can she hop to all the worlds? Or just ours, because of her link with this Kaia? Did she find an empty world and populate it with monsters from all of the other worlds she can travel to; monsters she found and discovered she could control and order around? (Or were they all in her world from the get go, or is it some combination of the two?) Did she do this to kind of create her own fiefdom on this world of monsters that she controls so that she can then use this army to get to other worlds and take more things that she wants? Is she now part of the Supernatural world or strictly part of the Wayward Sisters? Man, so many things I’m looking forward to and need to know!

The Road Ahead:

  • Did you also wish that our Kaia could have stuck around to become part of Wayward Sisters?
  • Do you think maybe she has stuck around? Is she still alive on that other world?
  • What do you think Other!Kaia is after?
  • Do you think any of this will play into the rest of this season of Supernatural? Or is this all part of the new season of Wayward Sisters?
  • Would you ever invite Dean to a dinner party? Or do you think he would break you from the amount of food he ate?
  • Are you excited about this new show? If you knew about it before this back door pilot, did this episode make you more or less excited? If you didn’t know about it, did this episode make you want to check out the new show? What has this  episode shown you about what the new show will possibly be like?
  • What kind of creatures do you think they will be fighting in the new show?
  • Will Other!Kaia be the first season’s big bad in Wayward Sisters, or will she be an ongoing villain?
  • Do any of you have hair issues where you are jealous of actors or models you see with beautiful hair?
  • Which episode of “Bugs” did you prefer, v1 or v2? It’s v2, that’s the only viable opinion here! Lol!


    So that’s it for this episode, and it’s not just an episode of Supernatural, it’s an episode of the new show Wayward Sisters. How do you feel about the new show? Will you be watching? I’m pretty sure I will be. So, until next time, be good to each other. XO


P.S. This is a longstanding belief of mine, but the past few weeks have really reinforced it for me: Shootouts are no basis for a system of deciding who wins a hockey game! That is all. (But congrats to all the athletes who competed and to the Canadian athletes who brought home a record number of medals for our country this year! You all rock!)