Action Figure Collecting Thread

Okay, so I did a general collecting thread a while back, but this one is going to be a little more focused on ACTION FIGURES this time around.  Some questions to ponder:

  1. Which lines do you collect
  2. Which lines did you stop collecting (and why)
  3. What are your holy grails/white whales of the hobby

I have cooled it a bit recently, but I went on a tear trying to assemble a decent selection of the DC Universe Classics for my son to play with (a basic Justice League roster, and some appropriate villains).  It took some bargain hunting, and in some cases I paid more than I should have for a handful of the figures, but I came up with a respectable number (mixed in with some Multiverse and Justice League movie guys).  As far as I’m concerned, it’s an enviable character selection.  The Holy Grail for me these days would be the DCUC Hawkgirl and the Anti-Monitor CnC, but they’re just too expensive to justify buying on the secondary market.

Evergreen for me is always Star Wars toys.  I pick up the main figures, and usually a vehicle or two for each line that comes out.   Not too many Holy Grails for this one, though I always wanted to snag a 2000s mold of the X-Wing with removable droid and pilot ports, as they’re way too expensive on the secondary market these days.

Anyway, have fun and keep it light.

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