The Leftorium is Loved by Vermin Supreme

Just to start out, I wanted to give a little more love to Vermin Supreme, because Vermin Supreme gave us a little love by tweeting the article I wrote about him for this place.

In other news, Russiagate is going after Leftists too now. People are claiming Russian bots were trying to sway people towards Bernie and Stein, when in the case of Bernie, people seem to be willfully misrepresenting articles that say otherwise.

Slate had an interview with Mona Charen about being booed at CPAC for being an anti-Trump republican. But when you read the shit she actually believes (we say too many things are racist; voter ID laws aren’t bad or racist; we need to let fewer immigrants in because they aren’t assimilating and becoming good flag waving red, white and blue Toby Keith fans like they should be) it should come to a reminder to you all: just because someone is an anti-Trump republican doesn’t make them on your side. They are still just as shitty as they were before, with the same shitty beliefs, they just don’t like Trump.

This is an oldie but a goodie: Gladstone, former Cracked writer and author of the “Internet Apocalypse” series, wrote an article last summer about why Centrism is bad and toxic. Centrism means you’re okay with the status quo. Centrism means sitting with your thumb up your ass and saying “we’ve tried nothing and we’re all out of ideas!” Centrism is why we’ve lost 1,000 seats in the last eight years. Centrists can go kick rocks.

The California Dems are refusing to endorse Senator Dianne Feinstein. All I can say about this is good. As they were shouting as she tried to speak over her allotted time at the California Democratic Party Convention, your time is up.

On the other side of the pond, it’s being alleged that Jeremy Corbyn was an informant for a Czechoslovakian communist spy. This smells a lot like the smear campaign against Lech Walesa to me.

The Jacobin wrote about the socialist case for gun control, and how there’s a faction of the left that is against gun control. And if they are for gun control, it’s only semi-autos and whatnot, even though most violent crimes are committed with handguns. Massacres are committed with semi-autos, but regular homicides and suicides? Handguns. All in all, gun control is sorely needed in this country. People blame shootings on mental illness; a small percentage of the people who commit mass killings had a diagnosis or were on medication. They blame it on illegal guns, but many of these people were legal gun owners before they mowed down all of these people. Something has to change. I give all of the credit in the world to those kids in Parkland because they are strong, will not be intimidated, and will not back down. If anyone wants to shit on the younger generations and call them lazy and entitled, I’m going to point them in the direction of those kids because they are kicking ass out there. The fact that there were survivors from prior school shooting counseling and giving advice to the kids during the middle of that actual school shooting is one of the most depressing and shameful things I can think of. Oh, I’m glad those people were around to help, don’t get me wrong. But these experiences shouldn’t be so common that this should happen in the first place.

And speaking of an awesome kid from Parkland:

And for your leftist song of the week, have some Tom Lehrer. Describes the state of our politics perfectly.