Wondercon/Exploratory SoCal Meetup Thread

Avocados — the great Merve and I exchanged a few brief messages recently about planning another greater-L.A. area meetup, and I suggested the weekend of March 23-25, as that is the weekend of Wondercon in Anaheim. While I rarely attend cons myself, I thought there might be a chance that some nearby folks would come out for it, and that even some folks from a little farther away might be making the trip, thus serving as a focal point for meeting up.

We had a successful get-together last year in West Hollywood, with Alien Jesus, Edgar Allan Hoe, kajigger desu, Merve, Paulie Almonds, myself, and out-of-staters lutair and lutair’s friend whose name I can’t remember. We drank, we nibbled small plates, we regaled each other with tales of personal achievement and pop culture effluvium.

Thoughts? Are you coming here for this convention? Do you want to hang out? Should we put it off for a later date, perhaps the warm summer months? I believe our little online club has more members than before, so it seems likely there are more of us who could get together. Ideas welcome.