The Avocado

Pod People 2.26.18

Unscrewed: Porn Stars Are People

I love that this episode calls out the degrading way people talked about porn star: as if they are all either immoral freaks or horribly abused victims. I also appreciate that the guest acknowledges that abuse DOES exist in the industry, but just advocates for more nuance when discussing the topic.

I obviously do not recommend listening to this out loud at work: the episode is NSFW.

Adam Ruins Everything #46: Mouse Modeling and Cancer

I would not recommend listening to this episode if you have issues with hypochondria or don’t like hearing descriptions of people and animals with cancer. But it’s a fascinating look at why mouse modeling is failing cancer patients, and the guest is passionate and extremely informative.

Unladylike: How To Pay For An Abortion

This is cheating because this is an older episode, but I just discovered this podcast. Anyway, I LOVE hearing women talk openly and without shame about their abortions. This is how it should be! There’s also a lot of great education here about the state of abortion in the US.