Avocado Fantasy Baseball Season 2/MLB Talk

Hey so we’re gonna be doing this again. In year one, Mello Yello Enthusiast was our league champion and I’m glad to say that he will be back as will the majority of our competitors from last season. The current participating Avocado members will be…
2. Mello Yello Enthusiast
3. Harvey Dent
4. Bresson
5. Little Miss Giggle Fits
6. Snow Pigeon
7. Mexican-American Martian
8. Shipwreck
9. OccJaa’ms Blazer
10. Bluelightspecial
11. Emperor Snapper

PSmith isn’t signed on for the moment but if we need the numbers he is willing to step back in. Everyone else who’s already in the league will already be a member once I reactivate it, it’ll just be a matter of adding additional people.

At the moment I would say we definitely need one more team, we could probably get away with up to 14 if there was enough interest. I’m hesitant to stretch the numbers too far as it would make free agency a bit threadbare but we can work on something (ESPN does allow co-ownership of teams if you wanted someone to help you keep an eye on things in season).

Scoring categories are set up as follows:
Batting Average (AVG)
Home Runs (HR)
Runs Scored (R)
Runs Batted In (RBI)
Stolen Bases (SB)
On Base Pct (OBP)
Earned Run Average (ERA)
Strikeouts (K)
Walks plus Hits Per Innings Pitched (WHIP)
Quality Starts (QS)
Home Runs Allowed (HR)
Saves Plus Holds (SVHD)

Rosters are 30 players per team plus 3 DL spots:
Catcher (C) 1
First Base (1B) 1
Second Base (2B) 1
Third Base (3B) 1
Shortstop (SS) 1
Infielder (IF) 1
Outfield (OF) 5
Utility (UTIL) 1
Pitcher (P) 2
Starting Pitcher (SP) 4
Relief Pitcher (RP) 3
Bench (BE) 9
Disabled List (DL) 3

It’s a daily lineup league, for the most part you should be able to set your lineup in just a couple minutes each day. Unless you’re like me and have multiple fantasy sites bookmarked that you read and 6 different leagues you’re signed up for. (Don’t be like me).

Those of you in the league should have received a re-activation email overnight (PSmith, I didn’t remove you as an owner yet til I see how things shake out for signups). Anyways….yeah. Who’s excited for some baseball?

So…how about some baseball stories? If none of these catch your fancy, tell me what else is on your mind (also since we’re more doing the actual website thing now I figured I best stay away from using TWiB lest I become a victim of FOX’s legal department).

Shohei Ohtani has arrived in MLB. He was called the Japanese Babe Ruth and the Angels are gonna let him try and live up to that by starting him on the mound once per week and DH’ing him a couple of days per week as well. They traded CJ Cron (a powerful, though limited hitter) to make this arrangement work and are counting on Albert Pujols to be capable of multiple days each week in the field.

Florida firesales. Miami and Tampa Bay both pretty much punted on the ’18 season. The Marlins traded away pretty much everyone except JT Realmuto (who’d really like to be traded now) and suffice to say, new ownership has failed to endear themselves to the fanbase so far. Tampa Bay meanwhile is rebuilding again and dumped 2017 All-Star Corey Dickerson for a reliever and a prospect. They also signed Carlos Gomez to be trade bait this coming July.

Stanton in the Bronx Of those Florida based trades, the most notable one of course is the one that sent Giancarlo Stanton to the New York Yankees. Stanton + Judge + Sanchez has a chance to be a historically lethal set of hitters. Especially in an AL East that doesn’t project to be great.

Slow free agency. As mentioned, free agency was slow. The top ten ranked free agents (from MLB Trade Rumors) were:
1. Yu Darvish
2. JD Martinez
3. Eric Hosmer
4. Jake Arrieta
5. Mike Moustakas
6. Lorenzo Cain
7. Wade Davis
8. Lance Lynn
9. Greg Holland
10. Alex Cobb

The top 3 all only signed in the past couple weeks (though Martinez’s deal has yet to become official) while half of those ten players remain unsigned. And it’s hard to say that these aren’t players that could all help various teams.

Anyways, let’s talk baseball! And if you wanna sign up for the league, let me know in the comments!