Scott OT #43: The Day Thread Salutes Two Years of Scott Posting! (2/24)

Here we are, the second anniversary of me starting to post here. I began as an awkward nerd who wanted to talk about movies and… fuck, some things just don’t change.

Anyways, since a full rundown of everything great about this place would run longer than the comment thread for this Day Thread, I’ve decided to do something slightly different… a list! Wait, that’s not different at all from what I do here. Anyways, here’s the ten best pieces of advice I’ve gotten from this place.

10.) “You should Shaun and Jen videos.”-yourtownisnext
9.) “You should watch A Bit Of Fry & Laurie.”-Mindymoo
8.) “You should watch Bojack Horseman.”-most people here
7.) “Take more pictures of Sally.”-forget_it_jake, I think
6.) “You should do the Night Thread tonight.”-someone who had no idea the monster they were unleashing
5.) “You should do that movie poll you were thinking of doing.”-most people last year
4.) “You should watch Stranger Things.”-DaughterofUhtred
3.) “For the love of god, don’t nuke your account.”-almost everyone that time I thought I made Dame K nuke her account
2.) “You should ask Library Girl out.”-Edgar Allan Hoe (it didn’t wind up going anywhere romantic but I think it strengthened my friendship with LG and I’ve stopped pinning after her)
1.) “You should seriously consider going to therapy.”-E.A.H. again

Hope you all have fun posting here today and have a great day.