Jeopardy! recap for Thur., Feb. 22

Jeopardy! recap for Thur., Feb. 22 – Today’s contestants are:

– Alan, an administrative assistant from Seattle, WA, who gets younger people into the theatre;
– Catherine, a freelance writer from Geneva, NE, who made a big quilt of Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation; and
– Rob, an escalation manager from Edina, MN, who has a certified therepy dog, which more than makes up for the big pooch breaking his hammock. Rob is a six-day champ with winnings of $133,900.

Alan was correct on two out of three DDs but despite having plenty to wager, only came away with a net profit of $800, which kept his opponents in with a chance late. But when DJ ended with six clues left over, Alan had a slight runaway with $16,200 vs. $7,600 for Catherine and $4,200 for Rob.

DD1 – MOM GENES – Her daughter Jane teaches I.P. law at Columbia, her alma mater; she cited Jane’s work in an opinion for The Supreme Court (Alan won $1,200)

DD2 – COLLUSION – On 2000 these two art auction houses agreed to pay $500 million in restitution for engaging in price-fixing (Alan lost $1,400)

DD3 – AFRICA SINCE 1750 – A series of anti-apartheid protests in this South African township in 1976 led to a larger uprising (Alan won $1,000)

FJ – ACTRESSES – Already an Emmy winner, in 2017 she won an Oscar for the same role that had won her a Tony

As often seems to be the case, an Oscar-related FJ clue was troublesome, as all three players missed it. Alan gave back $999 to win with $15,201, while we’ll see Rob again in the Tournament of Champions.

This day in Trebekistan: When Alan thought of “compression” socks too late, Alex lacked compassion with his reaction of “Well, that’s tough”. Also, Alex’s impression of Edith Ann from Laugh-In didn’t hold a candle to Alan’s rendering of Nixon’s immortal words, “Sock it to me???”

One more thing: When I’m in the market for fine art, my first stop is always “Fred’s Lube”.

Correct Qs:

DD1 – Who is Ruth Bader Ginsburg?
DD2 – What are Sotheby’s and Christie’s?
DD3 – What is Soweto?
FJ – Who is Viola Davis?