Sports Corner: February 21

Is there anything wackier than vacating wins?  That is of course what happens when a college team is caught in a scandal and needs to be punished.  Any games won while the misdeeds were happening is declared to have never happened.  Including, in the case of the 2013 Louisville Cardinals men’s basketball team, the national title.  So either no one won the title, or Michigan did, even though everyone saw Louisville winning the game.  The banner in the above photo simply does not exist, and even the photo will soon fade like the McFly family did.

Oh the power of the NCAA, to change history itself!

Other topics to discuss:

  • Man City loses to…Wigan?  I don’t know a ton about English soccer, but I do know that losing to a team in League One is perhaps the same as a Division II football team beating Alabama.
  • Hockey trade season nears its climax
  • At long last, baseball free agents of note are being signed.
  • March Madness nears.  Will Trae Young be there?
  • When will this endless All Star break end?

All topics are welcome, though don’t forget to check out the daily Winter Olympics posts for more about those games.