In this Wednesday Political Post, There is Only One Side

I used to believe regardless of political ideology, most people have this country’s best interest at heart. Well that belief is officially dead. It died somewhere between “many sides” and harassing high school students who had to hide in closets and hope fervently that their lives wouldn’t be extinguished. 17 didn’t make it.

The Conservative response to this shooting is egregious. There literally is nothing to say in their defense, absolutely nothing. You can choose from the truly heinous ( making memes of shooting victims) to the passive aggressively horrendous Paul Ryan ducking gun questions while secure in the knowledge that his own children are safe back in Wisconsin.

I am done listening to anyone state that you need to older than 17 to know being shot is not good prospect.

I am done being reasonable. I am done being tolerant. I am done making any case for that this behavior being acceptable, right, or in any way decent.

If we do not act, our inaction is our action.