Shoeless Trivia: Basketball+

I like trivia a lot. Pub trivia, Sporcle, Learned League – I’m crazy for it all. A couple of months ago I started writing five (sometimes more) questions a day and posting them on my personal blog. The original goal was to make myself do some research to work on some of my weaker categories. But I have found that I also enjoy the process of trying to write good trivia clues as an art unto itself, and I thought perhaps they might be appreciated here. So I’m posting today’s questions below, followed by a sample of a few of my favorite past rounds. If this is a feature you’d like to see me continue, let me know in the comments.

(FYI: Though my WordPress username is Gaufqwi, I comment as Thingamajig.)


  1. He spent a year as a Husky, but since 2012 he’s been a Piston. He’s currently the youngest player ever to achieve 2000 offensive rebounds in his career. Who is he?
  2. Besides points, rebounds, and assists, what two statistical categories can contribute to a player earning a triple-double?
  3. Known by some as “Doctor Po-Po”, what University of Utah atmospheric sciences instructor is the creator an abbreviatedly eponymous basketball website and statistical archive?
  4. What coach, whose team topped Mississippi State to win the 2017 NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Tournament, is set to lead Team USA in Tokyo in 2020?
  5. Anthony Davis now holds the franchise record as the all time leading scorer for the New Orleans Pelicans. From what two-time NBA All-star, now a Golden State Warrior, did he claim that record?

  1. Andre Drummond
  2. steals and blocked shots
  3. Ken Pomeroy
  4. Dawn Staley
  5. David West


Valentine’s Day

  1. On February 14, 1989 what company agreed to pay the Indian government $470 million in compensation for a 1984 gas leak that killed at least 3787 people in Bhopal and injured more than half a million more?
  2. Takotsubo cardiomyopathy, a sudden temporary weakening of the muscular portion of the heart thought to be triggered by emotional stress, is commonly known by what three word name?
  3. Gilles de Rais, the likely inspiration for what colorful French folk villain, did not actually murder any wives, just dozens of children?
  4. The phenomenon whereby an animal (typically male) shows renewed sexual interest when presented a new potential mate is named for which US President?
  5. Everybody has their thing. Trichophiles like hair. Dendrophiles like trees. What do emetophiles like?

  1. Union Carbide
  2. broken heart syndrome
  3. Bluebeard
  4. Calvin Coolidge
  5. vomit



  1. Mount Mitchell is located in what national forest, also the site of the first forestry school in the United States?
  2. An injured wife took her frustrated husband ‘s exclamation “For God’s sake, Peggy, can’t you write a book instead of reading thousands of them?” to heart, resulting in the 1936 publication of what novel?
  3. In his take on a Joni Mitchell classic, Bob Dylan replaces the title vehicle with what similarly sized and hued object? In Dylan’s version, the object in question “took away the house and land”.
  4. The image below shows an appropriate memorial left by a fan on the gravestone of what comedian who died in 2005?comedian1
  5. In the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode “Mitchell”, Joel escapes the Satellite of Love using a pod found in a crate marked what?

  1. Pisgah National Forrest
  2. Gone with the Wind
  3. big yellow bulldozer
  4. Mitch Hedberg
  5. hamdingers


Gen X Pop Culture

  1. Shown below is the primary antagonist of a memorable episode of what 1980s TV series? Had the show lasted a few more years, maybe it would have done another “very special episode” incorporating its lead actress’s gigantomastia.fridge
  2. During a short sequence in the 1985 movie Spies Like Us, the exact same word is repeated a total of 20 consecutive times by various characters. What is that word?
  3. What musical genre has been defined as “pop music usually performed by black musicians that combines elements of traditional jazz, electronica, smooth jazz, funk, rap, and rhythm and blues”? Artists and groups with notable performances in the genre include Janet Jackson, Bell Biv DeVoe, and Bobby Brown, but not Wesley Snipes or Judd Nelson.
  4. Though Coleco sold a lot Cabbage Patch Kids, if you were the kind of kid who preferred Canis familiaris to Homo sapiens you might have instead chosen to adopt a plush toy from what “Loveable Huggable” line introduced to the US market by Tonka in 1984?
  5. This man is playing the home version of an arcade game based on a popular movie franchise and apparently enjoying it very much. What’s the game?game3

  1. Punky Brewster
  2. doctor
  3. new jack swing
  4. Pound Puppies
  5. Star Wars (The Arcade Game)