The Arlo Day Thread

I am not big on gaming YouTubers.

Despite this, every now and then one catches my eye who ends up being a combination of unique and charming enough to win a subscribe from me. I would like to talk about a couple of them, as they tend to be relatively unknown and I like bringing attention to exceptional work.

This is Arlo.

Every single video in which he appears is choreographed to give the impression this fuzzy blue muppet is the one running the channel, and you never see whoever it is that operates him (and the puppetry is extremely well-done, on par with the actual Muppet Show).

I first learned about Arlo through a video where he lamented the direction the Paper Mario series was going, which is ironic because negative videos are an extreme outlier on his channel. With very few exceptions, ArloStuff is a bastion of positivity, a real testament to the notion that gaming should be a source of joy and silliness, not exclusion and endless arguing. The fact that he has continued to focus on outputting videos like these despite the most popular one being a rant speaks a lot about his integrity. This is a fun, all-ages channel with a lot of heart put into it, and I find myself eagerly awaiting what he does with it next.

Here’s a short video that’s one of my personal favorites:

Other fun videos of his include the Gamer’s Brief segments and his video about what makes the Hammer Bros so annoying. Oh, and the time he tried to make a Mii of himself using the Auto Mii Maker is pretty funny.

So that’s Arlo. Check today’s Night Thread to learn about one of my other favorite YouTubers, who is not a blue muppet but is no less adorable. Hope to see you there!