White Star, Red Blood, Chapter 3: Collide With Destiny

On the night of April 14th, 1912, the air was near freezing over the north Atlantic, and the sea was smooth and reflective as glass. Despite having received warnings by radio from other ships along the same corridor that they were about to enter an icy patch, Titanic chugged along near her top speed. An understandable mistake; a fatal one. Despite popular legend, the great ship was never singularly described as unsinkable during her own time. In fact it was thought by many, including Captain Smith, that engineering had simply advanced to a level where ships sinking by accident in the first place was a thing of the past. They were about to learn how tragically wrong they were.

Mr. Crockefeller and Molly Brown were enjoying a passionate tryst in the rumble seat of William Carter’s brand new 1912 Renault Coup De Ville when the impact rattled the ship. Some passengers abovedecks scarcely noticed the impact, but the couple would not have that luxury. The roof of the car collapsed on them, leaving millionairess and reptile alike to be among the first to drown. Debbie Reynolds’ career would never be the same.

Mr. Crockefeller (MacCrocodile) is dead. He was The Serial Killer and a True Lover.

Molly Brown (Admirax) is dead. She was Vanilla Town (Steerage) and a True Lover.

However, prior to the ill-fated encounter with his lady love, Mr. Crockefeller had begun to feel a mite peckish again, and sent his manservant and personal assassin, Geoffrey, in search of a crew member, or perhaps a nice steerage passenger, to sate his saurian appetites. Geoffrey found himself atop the crow’s nest, where Dwayne Indyson, Frederick Fleet, and Reginald Lee were together watching for signs of ice. Geoffrey prepared to nab Fleet when Indy noticed the hooded man behind him. They struggled, and ultimately both Fleet and Geoffrey tumbled over the railing and shattered their bodies on the deck below.

Dwayne Indyson (InnDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED) is dead. He was a Sailor, which makes his faction Crew, and was carrying the Spyglass at the time of his death.

Lee and Fleet, rattled by the cold and the experience, could scarcely keep their eye on the waters, with tragic results. Within minutes, the Titanic struck ice more than two hours ahead of the schedule the horrible, hoary hammer of the gods had foreordained. Perhaps it was mercy that the berg it struck was a slightly smaller one that did slightly less damage, and would afford the crew and passengers a full twenty minutes’ extra time to escape.

Titanic will sink in three (in-game) hours.

Remember the following rules:

  • Crew wins as long as town wins
  • First Class wins if more First Class players survive than Steerage players
  • Steerage win if they survive
  • True Lovers win if their partner survives
  • Each night, one player will hold the Spyglass and decide whether the ship is sinking or not. The ship will also sink if the player with the spyglass dies for any reason.
  • Once the ship begins sinking, you’ll be voting on which two living players to send on each lifeboat. Players in a lifeboat may choose to kill each other, but may not be lynched or murdered and may not vote.
  • Anyone not in a lifeboat will be dead three hours after the ship begins sinking.

The clock will strike 10:00 at 7:00 PM Eastern Standard time on Tuesday, February 15th, 2018. The countdown may be viewed here.

Ship’s Manifest

1x SIGNAL OFFICER (Crew Eavesdropper)

1x HOUSEKEEPER (Crew Detective)

1x MASTER AT ARMS (Crew Master Of Arms)

1X SAILOR (Vanilla Crew)



2x MURDERERS (Vanilla Scum)

1x BLACKMAILER (Scum Roleblocker)


Active Players

  1. Capt.LindsayFunke/Mrs. Lindsay Lovett
  2. Little Miss Giggle Fits/Lady Allison
  3. TCRM/Terrence Coleridge Roland Merrington the 3rd
  4. LetItSnowen1120/William Thomas Turner
  5. Spookyfriend/S.F. Daniels
  6. Captain Video/Winthrop Q. Sketchball
  7. Clodia/Jane Smith
  8. Subsaharan/Sub Johnson
  9. Sheltie- der König/President William H. Taft
  10. Spiny Creature/Samantha Parkington, American Girl
  11. Smapti Jones/Hercule Jones
  12. MacCrocodile/Mr. Crockefeller
  13. Grumproro/Bertie Grump
  14. Admirax/Molly Brown
  15. Otakunomike/Giuseppe Croce
  16. The Love Doctor Nick/Oliver Danielson
  18. ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts
  19. HolsGG/Lucie, Lady Duff-Gordon
  20. Lovely Bones/Clara “Bones” Brennings