In This Wednesday Political Post, Everyone Was Kung Fu Fighting

So…this is why you don’t declare war on the FBI…

“FBI Director Christopher A. Wray told the Senate Intelligence Committee that the bureau had completed a background report on then-staff secretary Rob Porter last July and closed out the case entirely last month. Wray’s account is at odds with White House claims that the investigation required for Porter’s security clearance was “ongoing” until he left his job last week, after his two ex-wives publicly alleged physical and emotional abuse.”

“But Wray, testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee, said that the FBI submitted a partial report on Porter’s clearance last March and that the investigation was completed last July. Soon after, he added, the FBI received a request for a follow-up, which the bureau completed and provided last November.”

Let me break this down for you, the investigation was over. They did do a follow up investigation after the initial investigation and even that investigation was also over.

So the White House knew the full situation regarding Rob Porter since November and kept him on staff….BOOM!

The interesting thing to me here is for a White House that operates outside of procedure or the law, you would think they would be more careful or less careless but nope.

Is it hubris? Arrogance?

I will let you discuss amongst yourselves.

Welcome to Wednesday!

Happy Valentine’s Day…you get to stay in the USA, your Valentine says so…:)