Franchise Festival #1: The Legend of Zelda

Welcome, Avocadoans!

As I was taking my afternoon stroll today, an idea occurred to me for a fun new diversion here on The Avocado – why don’t we get down into the nitty-gritty of what we like and don’t like about a particular game franchise?

Perhaps you’d like to rank your favorite entries in a series, or tell us who your (least) favorite characters are and why? Perhaps you’d like to outline where you think the series should go in the future, or trends that you see represented by its development over time? Whatever you’d like to discuss is fair game. Hopefully each of these discussion topics can stay active and accessible through the Avocado’s topic bar for the foreseeable future, so newcomers to the site or the series can browse old entries and contribute to conversations.

I’m planning to expand this out to other franchises in the future, but I thought we’d go with a venerable, long-running series for our first entry. It seems everyone has an opinion about The Legend of Zelda – from where it’s been to where it’s going. Share your thoughts on the series below!