“Paranoid Frandroid” American Dad! S15 E2

American Dad! Season 15 Episode 2
Paranoid Frandroid
Grade: A-

The first regular season episode of American Dad! this year opens on a perfunctory note, with a fairly basic plot. Nevertheless, the overall episode quality was quite good, from Stan being so easily distracted at Dave & Busters to with Snot’s somewhat thin surrogate dad B-plot holding the viewer’s attention just enough to get a few good jokes in around some relatively tame conspiracy theory fare.

As far as ‘my entire life is a life’ moments go, Stan secretly running ‘Morning Mimosas’ as a ploy to keep his wife away from politics is a pretty good plot beat (thankfully nothing so much as even minorly resembling politics is touched on during the episode). I enjoyed all the corporate sponsorship gags, although I’m disappointed they didn’t name drop the ‘National Radio Quiet Zone’ Francine was hiding out in. The fake funeral was a perfect note to end on.

Random Observations
• [Note: Subbing in for the review so while I watched the show I don’t have the quotes handy at the moment- sorry]