Supernatural: S13E13 – “Devil’s Bargain”

    Before we start the review, I just want to say: Go Canada! (I’m kind of an Olympics junkie, sorry!) Now that that’s out of the way….oh my Chuck you guys, what did I just watch? Oh my Chuck, oh my Chuck, oh my Chuck! I can’t believe what’s happening on the show right now! Just when I think this show can’t surprise me anymore they put out an episode like this! So let’s get right to the analyzing.

The road so far:

You pretty much need to know everything that’s been happening so far this season. You also might want to refresh your memory about episodes 1.11 (Scarecrow), 5.19 (Hammer of the Gods), 12.11 (Regarding Dean) and 12.12 (Stuck In The Middle {With You}). You may also want to brush up on the topics of Grace and Archangel blades. I may also send you all on a visual quest through 10.04 (Fan Fiction), and I may very very briefly talk about the contents of 8.19’s “Taxi Driver”.


Cas is in rough shape, and maybe Luci is too…where is he? Why is Cas struggling through a forest? What happened between their fight last week and Cas ending as “The Body” to the next gen Gordie LaChance? Who knows, we never find out. We just know that when Cas comes to, he goes looking for Luci, but Luci is gone.

    Okay, director Eduardo Sánchez did a great job of recreating a Hallmark movie “meet-cute” here. (It’s my Mom’s fault I know what that looks like, I swear!) At first I thought that maybe they would pull a “Supernatural” and after the guy caught her he would then berate her for making him drop the cake. Seriously, those take days to make and bring in a tidy sum to the bakery. When that didn’t happen, I was worried these cutesy lovebirds would be part of the episode plot. But no, it’s more about Cupid, who has set all of this in motion. Okay, hi Cupid! Nice to meet you. Let’s explore your character a bit then in this episode…or Lucifer can kill you for your Grace. Nice knowing you Cupid!

Before we go on, let me just say that this episode showed me that I have absolutely no idea how Grace works, or how Angels and Humans differ or what they have in common. And it seems like maybe that’s because the showrunners don’t really have a solid answer to those questions nailed down either, so the answers can be whatever the writer of the week needs them to be. These are pretty important elements of the story you’re telling, so that’s the kind of thing you need to establish answers for from the beginning. I know it may seem to be better to leave your options open, but it just makes the storylines weaker, since it seems like previous storylines have already established things don’t work this way, but it’s not definitive, so maybe, but now I’m worried more about the rules governing how an element or type of creature works/behaves than I am about what’s happening in the story.

When you create a fantasy world, I don’t really care what the rules are for how that world works. The more creative the better! But you do need to firmly establish your “laws of physics”, as it were, then stick to them, no matter what. Working within limitations is oftentimes how the best art is made, so no excuses about leaving things open to accommodate room for future developments. One of my biggest gripes with bad sci-fi/fantasy is frequently that they have no real understanding of what the rules for their universe are, or they set the rules, then continually break them. The best stories know their limits and play within it, so to speak.

    In this particular universe, it seemed at first like Grace was the Angel version of a soul, so each Angel’s Grace made them who they are. It also seemed that Angels and Humans were completely different types of being. Then it was played like Grace isn’t an Angel soul, partly because they wanted to make souls what separated Humans from all the other beings, what made them special. So Grace was changed to be just what gives Angels their powers. So Cas’ Grace doesn’t make him Cas, it’s just an Angel battery. So then it seems like instead of just being virtually interchangeable now, they then made Angel’s Grace actually interchangeable, where an Angel could take another Angel’s Grace and use it for themselves. They also made it seem like Grace was finite. If someone takes some of yours, you need to take some from somewhere else, replace yours, or go without. You weren’t able to regenerate more. They also made it seem like an Angel low on Grace becomes like a Human…but without a soul…even though souls are what make Humans Human. (Do Angels still feel more Human when they’re low on Grace, but outside of their vessels?) They also made the distinction between Archangels and Angels. They seemed to say Angels and Archangels are more different than they are similar, that they’re more two different species as opposed to two different races. Much like Angels and Humans were before they also changed that. But now they’ve changed it so that Grace can be replenished over time by Angels and Archangels, that even Archangels become Human without sufficient Grace, and even though Archangel Grace is different enough that Michael needed it, and not just regular Angel Grace, for his spell, apparently Archangels can just use regular Angel Grace to fill their tanks. Oh, and when it showed that Cas could renew his Grace from another Angel, it seemed like it did work and was better than the alternative, but wasn’t quite as good as your own Grace would be. Kind of like an organ transplant, if you will, a Grace transplant. But here, Lucifer isn’t only using another Angel’s Grace, he’s using another inferior Grace, yet he suffers no side effects other than the fact that it’s not quite enough to fill his tank.

    It’s so frustrating because this show puts out an episode like this, which is so amazing and pulls the rug out from under so many expectations in such a brilliant way, but then it pulls crap like this. This show has proved before (even in this very episode!) that it can make and follow rules they have established for this universe and still make bold, exciting choices within that framework. The show has also shown before just how bad it can be when they take established lore and throw it out the window, like when they made 8.19’s “Taxi Driver”, and totally rewrote the book on Reapers. You have shown you are and can be better than this, show! You have shown how bad it is when you aren’t better! So BE BETTER! If this episode happens without changing up what we know about Angels, Archangels and their Grace, this is a near-perfect episode! You were so close! Ugh! (But that fist punch through Cupid’s chest was badass! And as a single girl who will soon be suffering through yet another Valentine’s Day alone…gratifying AF!)

    Back at the bunker, Cas bring the boys up to speed, and holy crap! There’s a lot they haven’t known about! Cas’ capture, “the role of Cas will now be played by Asmodeus”, Lucifer’s back and scared of other world Michael and his plans to come take over our world. And no, Dean, Cas really didn’t do anything stupid. This time.

Lucifer is feeling too Human for his liking, and is distracted by all these Human needs he’s never before experienced. And he just ate Grace, so he’s more full than he was, yet he’s showing more Human symptoms now, indicating he’s actually got less Grace! How does that work? Grace is stupid! So he takes up panhandling to make money for some food.

    Asmodeus is getting the report that his prisoners took a powder. Ketch gets a bit snarky with him about his choices while running things. Now, I understand the compulsion to snark, but is that really a smart thing to do to a Prince of Hell when you’re just a psychopathic Human? It seems like a great way to die. Yet even though Asmodeus does get mad, and seems at one point to hold himself back from attacking Ketch, he backs off. Why? What exactly is Ketch bringing to the table in this partnership that Demon minions can’t? How did this partnership even come about? And when? It seems like there is more between them than there would be if Ketch only approached Asmodeus after Sam and Dean turned him down. I mean, Asmodeus is perfectly comfortable letting Ketch in on some pretty important details of what he’s planning! And what is Asmodeus’ goal here? Is it only to kill Lucifer to cement his place as ruler of Hell? Or is it to prepare for Michael’s arrival? How about his plans for Jack and raising the Shedim? Or is Asmodeus ambitious and trying for all three? For right now, Asmodeus wants Ketch to kill Lucifer. He says that as weak as Lucifer is, an Angel blade to the heart should put him down…probably. Well, we know Cas already tried that and it didn’t quite work. (Maybe Asmodeus knows this and is trying to get rid of Ketch indirectly for some reason? Why can’t he do it himself?) And how is this a thing? Low Grace turns an Angel Human and they can be killed more easily? Why wouldn’t Cas have told the boys in season 5 that draining Grace would weaken Lucifer so he could be killed? Seems like a better plan than just hoping Sam could overcome Lucifer’s possession and jump back in the pit! It seems like pretty common knowledge, so it can’t be that Cas was unaware, and even if he didn’t think it had a huge likelihood of working, it seems more likely to work than the alternative, and he should have at least brought it up for the boys to consider. If I’m the boys, Sam especially, I’d be pissed when I found out about this. But of course they aren’t, because that’s not how retcons work! See, this is why it’s so important to have these rules nailed down! If you start changing things after the fact, you have the potential to cheapen or ruin past stories.

Lucifer has been looking for Angels and is realizing that Cupid was right and their numbers are pretty low. So in the meantime he has to take care of the Human needs of his body. So he took up panhandling to make money. Seems out of character, why not just steal it? Or use his legendary golden tongue to talk people into helping him? Instead he goes with a “grumpy old man” strategy and lucks his way into a fellow panhandler taking pity on him. In the process of getting some food for themselves, Lucifer also lucks into finding the location of another Angel and Grace seems like a more appetizing meal to Lucifer than dumpster lasagna.

In the bunker, Cas and Dean are tripping over themselves to apologize to each other; Dean for not realizing the Cas he’s been talking to was really Asmodeus, Cas for getting himself captured in the first place. When Dean asks if he’s okay, Cas says it doesn’t matter right now, their priority is to find and rescue Jack and Mary. Does this mean Cas isn’t so all right? Is everyone going to go to a “bad place” this season?

Sam comes back with Donatello and we find out the boys want him to read the Demon tablet to see if it has the spell to open the rift like the Angel tablet does. If so, they’ll grab Lucifer, use his Grace to open the rift, save Jack and Mary and hop back and close the thing before Michael can follow. Better hope they do the spell right and not the way Kevin first did it, where one person hops through, then the rift slams shut! Cas then gets word that an Angel vessel has been found mutilated, so they head out to investigate, leaving Donatello to work on deciphering the tablet.

    Lucifer finds the Angel masquerading as the faith healer Sister Jo is the Angel Anael. (Jensen Ackles’ wife, Danneel.) When he goes to kill her, she instead offers a trade. She’ll help him if he helps her. Now, Anael’s plan for giving Lucifer Grace makes sense in this new world of how Grace works, but it’s also something Lucifer should have thought of on his own. If Angels are scarce, but they can regenerate Grace, why not keep one on hand to keep getting free refills, rather than draining and killing them? I hate when the writers focus too much on the “petulant child” side of Lucifer and forget his cunning, compelling and charismatic side. The side that can talk people into…eating a forbidden apple, let’s say, and who can spin evil plot after evil plot, most of which usually work the way he wants them to. Anyway, they strike a deal even though we don’t yet know just what Anael needs help with. I did love how Lucifer was put out that Anael wasn’t scared of him! Also, on the stage at the church, there was a backdrop that said “Sioux Falls” (which is where Jody and the Wayward Sisters are) and “Lawrence” (where the boys are from originally) and it showed a picture of a long, empty road. Was that the backdrop from 10.04’s “Fan Fiction”? Looked familiar. Can anyone look that up and post pics? Here’s a (bad angle) pic of it in this episode:

Supernatural - s13e13 - Devil's Bargain - 2

    The boys find out Lucifer was going after Sister Jo, as she’s an Angel and they know now that Lucifer is killing Angels for their Grace. So they head to her church, but there’s no sign of Sister Jo or Lucifer. But they do find Ketch, who proposes they work together to kill Lucifer. The boys offer a counter-proposal of stuffing him in their trunk instead. Dean wants to take him back to the bunker, question him, then kill him, burn him and flush the ashes. Cas approves of the plan. Okay, I know Cas hates Ketch for almost getting him killed in 12.12’s “Stuck In The Middle (With You)” (a relevant episode to this one) but seriously! This is a Human, not a monster or Demon. Yeah, okay, he’s not a good Human, but still, Cas is pretty bloodthirsty here, which is kind of out of character. This is the season everyone goes dark and acts out of character! Now, some of the times “people” (“people” stands for Humans, monsters, Angels, Archangels and Demons) have been acting out of character have been for good reason and it makes sense to the plot, to the character and to the show. But not all of these cases of “people” acting out of character have been successful.

    It seems Sister Jo isn’t as smart about worldly affairs as she thought, as she uses her credit card to rent a room, allowing the boys to track them to where they’re holed up having sex  “sharing” Grace. Gives new meaning to saying Grace before dinner! Eating an Angel’s Grace has never been portrayed as such an erotic experience before, so either that speaks to the kind of relationship Lucifer and Anael have, or the writers have been getting ideas from Supernatural fanfiction again.

    In the afterglow, Anael and Lucifer have a heart-to-heart where we learn a little more about their feelings on being almost Human and the motivations each is working under. Anael wants to be someone, and to show the other Angels how to run Heaven in a better way. Lucifer wants to be a better Dad than Chuck was to him. Both want to prove themselves. I’m assuming these motivations will come into play as the season continues and their storylines develop. I also think Lucifer’s brush with humanity and having feelings may also come into play and I’m looking forward to seeing where the writers take both of these threads.

Asmodeus finds Donatello and disguises himself as Castiel in order to get information about what the prophet and the boys are up to. Seriously, they still haven’t learned their lesson about shapeshifters and developed code words yet? Come on boys! Though how did Asmodeus even know Donatello was involved and that the boys were with Cas hunting down Lucifer? Asmodeus learns Jack and Mary are trapped with Michael in the other world and he plants a compulsion in Donatello’s mind to report anything he finds on the tablet. I loved when Asmodeus took the chicken from Donatello’s hand to set the spell, then is left holding it for a second afterwards with his Colonel Sanders outfit! He’s only missing the black string tie!

    The boys have made it to the hotel and Sam calls the room under the pretense that Anael’s credit card isn’t working, in order to find out who’s there. Anael answers, so Sam asks her to come to the office to run the card again in order to talk to her and get her away from Lucifer if it turned out that he was also in the room. He is in the room, reading the Gideon Bible, upset that it got so much wrong and that Chuck apparently stole his best lines. See, I love stuff like this from Petulant!Lucifer, I just don’t like when that’s the only Lucifer we get. Especially when Sly!Lucifer is more appropriate.

     When Anael comes face-to-face with the boys, she “rats out” Lucifer and takes the boys to the room. I wasn’t buying it, she hadn’t yet gotten what she wanted from Lucifer. Once there, she “warns” Lucifer that she had to tell the boys he’s still weak, (Narrator: He’s not.) then when they start attacking Lucifer, she waits for her moment and jumps in to help Lucifer take them down. Instead of leaving, Lucifer is more interested in torturing the boys for a bit until Ketch comes in with a Demon bomb and Lucifer is forced to flee with Anael in tow. It seems to take a bit out of Lucifer to teleport them out of there. Okay, seriously though! What’s a Demon bomb supposed to do to an Archangel? It’s been shown not to affect humans or angels! At least make it a Holy Oil molotov or something! Is Ketch just getting rid of weapons the boys could use against Asmodeus? Demon bomb ingredients are super rare and hard to come by after all!

    Okay, another thing that’s bothering me here is that right from season 1 episode 11, “Scarecrow”, we find out that gods or other supernatural leaders get their power from the souls of Humans that believe in/worship them. This includes Chuck and Lucifer as well as the gods of other “myths” and religions. Then, in season 6, it was changed so that is was more that whoever was in control of souls got their power. That way Crowley could get power from souls in Hell even though they worship Lucifer and Raphael could get the power of Heaven and Crowley could lend some of his souls to Cas. So first of all, another retcon, boo! Second, who has what power now? Why can’t Lucifer get control of Hell’s souls? Then he’d at least have something until his Grace replenished. Who is taking Heaven’s power? Before this episode, I mean! God still seems to have kept all his power, even after (and during) the time Raphael and then Cas had it and used it. HOW DOES THIS ALL WORK? I’M SO CONFUSED! (And side note, I always thought (from the end of season 5 until about season 11) that the ending would be that God was tired of being God, so that was why he helped Team Free Will along. (Ultimately nullifying the Apocalypse he had originally wanted.) He had truly embraced Humanity as his greatest creation and wanted them to be truly set apart. So, He was nudging the boys to free humans by having them realize, then harness, the “nuclear reactor” power of their souls. They could use their collective human power to create their own afterlife paradise, without any gods. (Or angels, or demons or monsters and myths.) Doesn’t seem likely now.)

So Ketch is again trying to convince the boys to team up, after saving them. In order to prove his trustworthiness, Ketch tells them he’s working for Asmodeus and is willing to be a double agent, passing information to the boys about what Asmodeus is doing. He says he’s willing to do that in order to capture or kill Lucifer, as letting Lucifer go free on Earth is not something he’s willing to let happen. He’s also concerned about Michael’s imminent arrival in our world. As he says, he’s the “lesser of…at least three…evils.” Is he though?

    It seems Anael has taken Lucifer to meet with the Angels and there’s Douma! Yay! Erica Cerra! See, I told you she’d be back. Lucifer is wanting to make a deal with them. He’ll create more Angels for them (“I saw how the old man did it.” LOL! Can’t wait to see how that goes! I’ve seen surgery done, doesn’t mean I can do one!) if they make him the “undisputed and unquestioned leader of Heaven”. Oh man, this is so batshit and yet so in character! I love it! And of course, this is one of the few reasons the Angels would actually agree to it. Plus, wings! And not the kind Donatello wanted! This is how you shake things up! It’s completely crazy and unexpected, but in a way that also makes sense within the existing universe and makes sense with the existing characters. This is all unbelievable, yet totally makes sense, if you see what I mean.

    The boys are back at the bunker and are thinking they need to take Ketch up on his offer. If Ketch is being honest about sharing his info on Asmodeus, then yeah, they do need to take him up on his offer! Donatello is making slow but steady (and anger inducing) progress on the tablet. It’s interesting to see how deciphering the tablet took such a toll on both prophets, but in such a way that was unique to each one’s personality. Now, I’m not sure what the end of that scene was about, where Sam tells Donatello they have a plan for the spell, then he gives Cas a meaningful look and Cas looks, in an almost guilty way, at Donatello, behind his back. So does that mean they didn’t tell Donatello their plans regarding Lucifer hit a snag? But that plan involved them bringing Lucifer back with them, so isn’t Donatello curious about where Lucifer is? Did they just play it off like Lucifer slipped away and they’ll get him next time? Why not just be honest? Or, have they made a new plan that isn’t going to make Donatello happy, or will put him in danger, so they’re hiding it from him? Or are they just exchanging looks because of Donatello’s explosive anger and their need to tiptoe around it? I guess we’ll find out.

         Seems the Angels took Luci up on his offer, as they’re all kneeling to him in what looks like Heaven’s throne room. Really? Lucifer can still get into Heaven? Bad security planning! So it seems we’re being set up for Apocalypse 2.0 and I’m not even mad that they’re recycling this story because this time it’s so different. Sam and Dean aren’t meant to be meat puppets and Lucifer and Michael have switched places. But Luci isn’t really good and we don’t know enough about Michael to know if he’s really evil, or is just the kind of mindless good that made season 4 and 5 Angels such dicks. I’m so looking forward to how this all plays out. And Lucifer? Well, he’s gotten what he’s always wanted. Let’s see if he should have been careful what he wished for!

    And as for Asmodeus, well well well, he’s been a busy guy and putting together the most interesting pieces currently on this game board! Holy crap! He’s got an Archangel blade! And he wants to use it on Lucifer! (It would also work equally well on Michael, which I’m guessing is exactly how it will be end up getting used.) Oh what? You need an Archangel to wield the blade? Asmodeus just happens to have the answer to that too! Who is it? I was so sure it was going to be our Michael, fresh from the pit, driven insane and dressed in Adam skin. But no! The show legitimately surprised me again by it being Gabriel! What? How? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love that old trickster, and I can’t wait to see what happens with him as he looks like he’s been horribly mistreated and is not happy. What kind of Gabriel is about to be loosed on the world? The next episode cannot come soon enough for me!

    However, this also leaves me with a bunch of questions. Exactly which blade is this supposed to be? Is it an actual Archangel blade or is it the blade from Michael’s Lance or maybe even the blade from Lucifer’s spear? There are arguments that can be made for any of these right now, so we need more information. It’s been a while (I’ve forgotten soooo much!) and so I had to do a lot of searching for this information because it’s not stuff that is talked about on the show a lot and it was just such a small part of the episodes that a lot of times, this info wasn’t even included in things like recaps. Here’s the information I do have. Archangel blades are blades belonging to the Archangels. Each of the four Archangels had one which would include Michael, Lucifer, Raphael and Gabriel. It’s assumed an Archangel blade can kill an Archangel, (We thought one killed Gabriel, though maybe not.) though it was previously unclear if it absolutely needs to be wielded by an Archangel to do the job or not. In this episode, Ketch seems to indicate it does need to be used by an Archangel. Now, Archangel blades may be difficult to track down, but surely they weren’t as lost as Asmodeus makes out. Lucifer took Gabriel’s blade after he used it (or didn’t, who knows now!) to kill Gabriel in 5.19’s “Hammer of the Gods”. I’m sure it’s kicking around somewhere, in Hell probably. We never saw Michael’s or Lucifer’s blades at the Apocalypse fight, so they are possibly also out and around, or at worst, they’re in the Pit. And the Pit can be opened. And who knows where Raphael’s blade ended up? Yes, a lot of trouble to track down one of these things, but really, I wouldn’t describe it as “a certain artifact I thought had been lost forever.” Especially as there’s more than one so it’s not “a certain artifact”.

    An alternate theory is that this is Michael’s Lance that Crowley broke to save Cas in 12.12’s “Stuck In The Middle (With You)”. That lance was created to kill Lucifer (or anyone, really) by the Archangel Michael. (Though why didn’t he take it with him to the Apocalypse in season 5 if he had a Lucifer killing spear? It doesn’t make any any sense.) That episode (12.12) was where we came across the Lance for the first time, when Mary, Cas and the boys went to set up a hit on Ramiel (big mistake, huge!) and the Men of Letters had Mary go steal the Colt from Ramiel’s safe at the same time. When attacked, Ramiel used the Lance to impale Cas. Crowley realized that the magic in the Lance was in how it was crafted, so breaking it broke the magic. So, it is possible that the pieces that remained could be re-crafted. The Lance could also be described as “a certain artifact I thought had been lost forever.” Especially since Asmodeus would have had no idea that Crowley had tracked it down in order to use it as a peace offering (along with the Colt) to Ramiel, another Prince of Hell, when Crowley became King.  

The third option is Lucifer’s spear, which could have (maybe, I forget exactly what happened to it) survived the fight against Amara. It would also probably kill an Archangel, and could be thought of as long lost. We will need some more clarification on this one before we can say for sure. I’ve been down so many rabbit holes looking for info on this one! I do love that the show reuses things from the past like this; things that we thought were one-and-done or things we thought were long forgotten. As long as they use them according to the rules established from the beginning! That’s the key!

    But how is Gabriel still alive? After his heroic death in 5.19’s “Hammer of the Gods”, I was sure that he was still alive somewhere, in hiding. (Maybe in that Casa Erotica DVD he told Dean to guard with his life?) If they had left it at that, I would totally buy into his reappearance here. But they didn’t just leave it at that. In their need for Archangels to face Amara in season 11, Lucifer stated that Gabriel really was dead and Chuck confirmed it. Chuck did say he could recreate him though, given enough time. So, they better have a good answer on this one. I’m not going to buy “he was really good at faking his death” here, not with Chuck confirming he was dead. This better be recreated Gabe, or (the better option I think), a Gabe from the other world escaped to ours. Maybe with Kevin Tran’s help? Using Gabe’s Grace, so he’s still a bit low, which let him be captured. A Gabe from that world would have a very different relationship to Lucifer and Michael than he had in our world, and would lead to some interesting new dynamics among the characters. So who knows how Gabe got here? Seriously, who knows? Because whoever knows needs to tell me! Now! Oh my Chuck, you guys! Everyone’s allying with people they never would, but in ways that also make total sense! You may even say they’re making Devil’s Bargains! Team Free Will with Ketch, Ketch (maybe) with Asmodeus, Anael with Lucifer, all of the angels with Lucifer! Good and evil have been flipped on their heads! It’s so exciting!

    And for once, everything that’s happening doesn’t really involve the boys. They’re almost incidental to the plot at this point. They’re just wading through all the chaos to try to save their Mom and Jack. After that, they could just clear out and let all sides fight it out and weaken themselves, then they could step in and take out the exhausted remainder. They won’t do that of course, as the fight would probably destroy our world, but that makes it even more heroic, because they aren’t putting themselves on the line to save themselves as well as the world, or to get revenge. This time they truly could walk away, but won’t. I love love love everything they are setting up for this season! (Just not the Grace thing. Or the forgetting about soul power thing.) And I love that the show can still do this to me in season 13!

    One last thing, Dean’s prayer to Chuck in the first episode of this season. That scene was a deliberate callback to season one’s “Home” where Dean called his Dad to ask for help. Not only did John come and help behind the scenes in that episode, the whole season was John doing what he needed in order to keep the boys safe while he put everything in place that they needed in order to defeat Azazel. (It didn’t work in the way John intended, but that’s beside the point.) Maybe God is working behind the scenes to help get things in place to defeat…one or more of the three bad guys the boys are facing. Everything they need is appearing even if the boys don’t actually know that yet. Think Archangel blade as Colt substitute. I’m interested in finding out if Chuck has got his finger in this particular pie this season. (Why do we say that? Why would people want to put their fingers in other people’s pies? Gross!) Especially because I don’t really think Lucifer is going to turn out to be one of the ultimate Bad Guys by the end. Remember in 13.07’s “War of the Worlds”, when we had those scenes in the church with Lucifer being superimposed over Jesus and being shown in classic Jesus poses? That episode just happened to have been directed by Richard Speight Jr, (Gabriel) as well. Does he know something we don’t? Is Chuck maybe ready to forgive Lucifer and this whole season is a redemption arc for him? Lucifer now has a son that he “loves” and wants to find and protect. He is now in charge of Heaven and its Angels. Maybe Lucifer is headed towards some insight about his Father and the choices he made? Maybe he finally takes his rightful place as an Archangel, ruling in Heaven, for real and not just for power and revenge. Or maybe he takes his rightful place as God’s “son” and sacrifices himself to save the world? In the end, I think Lucifer has the potential to break good, while Michael’s inflexible righteousness, while not evil, is still dangerous and unlikely to change. Asmodeus wants to unleash evil Shedim on the world. He’s a lost cause.

    As for the “grey” Humans, Ketch and Rowena, I think both have the potential to side with our boys and fight for good, while both have the potential to go the other way as well. Rowena really seems, after 12.11’s “Regarding Dean” and 13.12’s  “Various and Sundry Villains”, to regret how she’s been living and is yearning for something better. Yet if you tell her she has to work with Lucifer to do that, I can see her going the other way. Ketch only ever cares about himself, so whichever side offers him the best deal is where he’ll end up. Until the opposite side offers him something even better. Though, he does seem to regret what he did to Mary and her return may prove to be a weak spot for him. Right now, it’s impossible to say which side they’ll come down on. I do have to say that I am hoping Rowena doesn’t just work with the boys under duress or as part of a deal, but actively chooses the side of good. Maybe the return of her son could help with that? Maybe Lucifer, Ketch and Rowena will all get redemptions, as they do seem to be expressing remorse for some things and yearning for something different. Well, not quite Lucifer…yet…but he’s certainly expressing some human emotions in this episode, and doing things that could set him up for a redemption!

The road ahead:

  • We’ve got four sides right now: Asmodeus/Hell, Lucifer/Heaven, Michael/other world and Team Free Will. Will it remain these four sides fighting it out for what they want, sometimes making fleeting alliances with each other when their goals temporarily align? Or will it collapse into two sides against each other, like our world versus theirs, or Heaven versus Hell? Or will we add even more sides, formed by independent players like Rowena and Gabriel and Ketch? I add Gabriel because we have no idea just what he’s been through and what he’s like now. And the trickster always has his own plan!
  • Does Ketch really want to be a double agent for the boys, or is that just part of his plan with Asmodeus?
  • Were you as shocked with this episode’s developments as I was?
  • How excited are you to have Gabriel back?
  • What is Rowena up to? Does it involve Dean and a pyre by any chance? Maybe she’ll fake burn him to death in order for their side to win?
  • Does it bother you when shows (or books or movies) like this develop their own “laws of physics” for how the world works, then change them up later on? What about if they never seem to create a solid plan for how things work and just seem to wing it as needed?
  • Will Asmodeus also raise the Shedim to add to this season’s chaos? Or will that be a problem for next season?
  • How do you think the series will end? How would you like it to end. These could be two very different answers.
  • Who else here is a Winter Olympics junkie? Again, Go Canada!

Well, that’s all I’ve got for this week. We’ve got a bit of a break again due to the Olympics. The next new episode isn’t coming until the first of March. I’ll try to post some of the missing episodes in between now and then, but will for sure see you when the boys return with some “Good Intentions.” I can’t wait! Until next time, be good to each other! XO