Sunday Food Thread 2/11

A week or so ago day a friend posted this 2014 opinion piece about the virtues of never cooking. Despite the dripping condescension of the piece (at first I thought it may have been a tongue-in-cheek swipe at millenials or something, but no the guy’s serious) it got me to thinking about asking the question here: Eat out/takeaway or cook at home? I’m sure we cover the spectrum at the Avocado and I know most of you posters take great pride in what you create in your kitchens. Those of you who do eat out also seem to know and look for good food, not just steamed vegetables from the nearest Asian place.
The discussion on my friend’s facebook page mostly centered around bashing the author and I won’t discourage that here, but I’d also like to hear about the reasons behind cooking and attitudes about eating. And of course what have you been up to this week?