White Star, Red Blood, Chapter One: A Night To Remember (7:00 PM)

It was 11 minutes after the hour, just as the last light she would ever see faded into darkness, when a bloodcurdling scream rang out through the halls of Titanic. Soon a handful of passengers and crew were at the scene. A pair of mangled bodies lay in the supply closet. Next to them was a sobbing, hysterical housekeeper. The two corpses were far too mutilated to be identified, but as the poor maid was escorted away by one of her colleagues, Dr. O’Loughlin was able to examine them. His news was chilling: One had been killed with a single knife, the other had been hacked to bits by at least three– none of which were the same knife that killed the first victim. Within the next few minutes, First Officer McMurdoch and Second Officer Lightoller had, deeming you as trustworthy and discreet sorts, gathered the twenty of you in the second-class smoking room, appraised any of you who hadn’t already witnessed the awful scene of the crime of the situation, and requested your help in identifying the murderers.

Remember the following rules:

  • Crew wins as long as town wins
  • First Class wins if more First Class players survive than Steerage players
  • Steerage win if they survive
  • True Lovers win if their partner survives
  • Each night, one player will hold the Spyglass and decide whether the ship is sinking or not. The ship will also sink if the player with the spyglass dies for any reason.
  • Once the ship begins sinking, you’ll be voting on which two living players to send on each lifeboat. Players in a lifeboat may choose to kill each other, but may not be lynched or murdered and may not vote.
  • Anyone not in a lifeboat will be dead three hours after the ship begins sinking.

The clock will strike 8:00 at 9:00 PM Eastern Standard time on Sunday, February 11th, 2018. The countdown may be viewed here.

Ship’s Manifest

1x SIGNAL OFFICER (Crew Eavesdropper)

1x HOUSEKEEPER (Crew Detective)

1x MASTER AT ARMS (Crew Master Of Arms)

1X SAILOR (Vanilla Crew)



2x MURDERERS (Vanilla Scum)

1x BLACKMAILER (Scum Roleblocker)


Active Players

  1. Capt.LindsayFunke
  2. Little Miss Giggle Fits
  3. TCRM/Terrence Coleridge Roland Merrington the 3rd
  4. LetItSnowen1120 (?)
  5. Spookyfriend
  6. Captain Video
  7. Clodia
  8. Subsaharan/Sub Johnson
  9. Sheltie- der König
  10. Spiny Creature
  11. Smapti Jones
  12. MacCrocodile/Mr. Crockefeller
  13. Grumproro
  14. Admirax/Molly Brown
  15. Otakunomike
  16. The Love Doctor Nick
  18. ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts
  19. HolsGG
  20. Lovely Bones