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State of the Avocado: Rules Deep Dive Edition

It’s time for another State of the Avocado update! The format for this one will be a little different. We (the mods) felt that some of the rules and guidelines needed a refresher and clarification. So below, we are going to have a subthread containing more detailed information for each rule and guideline. If you have any questions or want any clarification at all about a rule or guideline, ask in its subthread. The mod team will answer!

Note here that if your question is basically “can we get rid of this rule or guideline?” the answer will be no. Also keep in mind that this thread isn’t a place to make site complaints/suggestions: we had that thread already!

Before I get to that, there is one general statement I’d like to make as a reminder to everyone: this is the internet, where it’s hard to read tone. We also discuss all manner of topics here, some of them more serious. We’d like to remind everyone to try and assume good intentions on the part of their fellow Avocados, and try to avoid reflexive defensiveness.

Without further ado, please look below for your rule/guideline clarifications!