The Weekly Pun Thread is Feeling a Bit Standoffish

Welcome back to the Weekly Pun Thread, which is back after an unintentional hiatus last week (because it’s author got busy and forgot to post).

This week, we travel to Scotland, where the cops may have overreacted a bit to a call about a “tiger” on a farm:

It started when local farmer Bruce Grubb called the North East Police to report the presence of a large fearsome cat with stripes on his farm.

I got the fright of my life,” Grubb told The Scottish Sun.

The creature appeared to be crouched on a ramp in Grubb’s barn.

Officers immediately dispatched several vehicles, including an armed response team to the farm. In addition, police contacted a nearby wildlife park to check if a tiger might have escaped, according to the BBC.

There was a 45-minute standoff before officers realized the tiger in question was just a giant stuffed toy, according to the New York Post.

Tony the Tiger is still wanted for questioning.