This Wednesday Political Post Wants The Truth

Months ago much to the surprise of everyone, Donald Trump agreed that if Mueller were to request a conversation, he would agree. This is alarming to everyone it seems but Donald Trump.

Trump’s lawyers have advised against it, common sense has advised against it.

The question is IF he says no, what will the fall out be?

Poor optics (he already has this), increased scrutiny (he already has this too). I mean Trump is unpopular, I would argue this won’t change irrespective of what he does. He will retain his base, Democrats were never going to support him. Swing voters in 2018 were already slated to lean Democrat.

If you are already historically unpopular…what’s a little more scrutiny?

The below article proposes that Mueller will just subpoena Trump. This scenario while not completely unexpected would be a disaster for Trump.

First, I think most of us know Trump is guilty.

Second, I don’t think Trump realizes what he did was wrong and if he knows it was wrong now thanks to counsel…he doesn’t believe what he did should be wrong.

It is also very possible that he believes this is a political witch hunt.

This is a dangerous place for a narcissus to be…

Believing himself to be innocent, aggrieved, and the victim…which is why his counsel doesn’t want him to testify. It’s also the reason why he likely wants to testify.

Welcome to Wednesday!

“All you have done today is weaken a nation”