Riverdale S2E13 “Chapter Twenty-Six: The Tell-Tale Heart” Liveblog


Last Week on Sons of Riverdale:

Well that was one fucking hell of a cliff-hanger holy shit

Alice Cooper wrist deep in creep blood, calmly asking Betty to close the door behind her like it was nothing. But yeah, she was destined to become an accessory to murder.

Dark Betty has also started doing cam girl stuff that is very uncomfortable and will inevitably lead to super judgy Jughead. (And he doesn’t know about Betty and Archie yet so we have that to look forward to)

Archie overheard POPPA POUTINE (I love these names), planning to off Hiram, so he promptly told him, because he’s Archie it’s what he does, and Hiram offed POPPA POUTINE

Turns out Tall Boy Simpson was the one that cut off the statue’s head on orders from Hiram Lodge so he was promptly kicked out of the Serpents (along with Penny Peabody) for his troubles. I’m sure he’ll take being beaten by a child well and we’ll never see him again. Also FP rightfully called out Jug for being waaaaay too into the Serpents and constantly making things worse.

Judging from the name of the episode I’m assuming the Coopers are gonna bury the body under their floorboards and hilarity will ensue


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