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Olympic Winter Games 2/8 : Introductory Thread Grabs A Broom And Gets Down To Business

Hello? Hel… Hello? Is this thing on? *taps the screen* Oh, wait, that’s not how this thing wor-

Hello and welcome to the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games Thread, where we’ll be discussing people falling face-first into snow for our own entertainment. And curling, I suppose. I am your regrettably self-appointed host tOmy`! You may remember me from such hit threads as the unfinished Import Drinks Reviews, unfinished Trip Through Africa series and the one review about a Polish band that nobody read.

All joking aside, I know time is upvotes, so I am gonna keep this short and sweet. Well no, that is a lie, but I am at least gonna structure the rest of this thread for your convenience.

What to expect from these threads

  • Header will be used as a quick update on the current state of the games. I will try my best to always choose a short topic, rundown of events to happen and some introductory text.
  • However I’d like to keep things Politics Thread-ish, so the header will be just a platform, while the comment section will be the place to discuss what is happening, why it is happening, what happening is your favorite happening and who fell down face-first into the snow in the most hysterical way.
  • Comment section is also the place where I will throw most of the updates on events, if time allows me to do so. So you can come here just to read up and not necessarily engage with other weirdos.
  • I’ll try to use featured comments as a schedule of events in universal time zones, as well as for any useful links.
  • Garbage Ape posts allowed.


  • As you can see from the thread title, I chose the current date in PyeongChang.  (GMT+9). This date system will be used throughout the whole thread series. If there is no need to change this format, this thread will be a daily one.
  • My work schedule should technically allow me to write these up before Day Thread goes online. That should be around 20:00 PyeongChang time, which also happens to look like the time slot of main events.
  • It is possible that my timing will change a bit, but I will always keep you informed.
  • I hope you understand that given my time zone and PyeongChang time zone, this way of doing things is the most effective, convenient and the most reasonable for all of us.

General rules

  • All rules of Avocado apply here as well (duh). Don’t be bunch of meany heads!
  • I understand that some events might lead to your classic nation vs. nation banter; I expect this to happen the very moment ice hockey hits playoffs. Keep it funny, don’t cross the line and try to engage in a friendly kinda banter, rather than silly attacks. We wanna keep the competitive spirit high, but at the same time we don’t want to hurt or harass anyone. If someone politely asks you to stop, you stop.
  • Keep your “dumb jocks” jokes at bay. No need to come here and say stuff like “I am very proud, because I don’t watch sports”. I have nothing against that mind set, but there are other threads for this particular discussion.
  • Badmouthing Sasha Grey is an offense punishable by frowny face.
  • Except for these, you are allowed to discuss whatever you want, post whatever you want and comment on whatever you want. Spam the place with videos or tweets, no problem – keeping it active is the goal here.
  • This thread can be used to discuss all winter sports and not necessarily Olympics-related events.
  • No inverted tricks.


  • I assume some of the events might call for a specific thread due to the number of comments we might generate. Ice hockey is again a pretty decent example.  We can talk about it when the time comes.
  • If someone wants to take over threads for a day or two, be my guest. I cleared my schedule enough, so I should be able to be here most of the time, but everything is negotiable.
  • I welcome all suggestions, criticisms and ideas. I will try to spend more time in Open Threads throughout the games, so you can always try to catch me there. In case I am awol, I am most likely dug deep in the Politics Thread. I will obviously spent most of my time here tho.
  • Help me promote the thread if you feel like it! I will do my best to mention the thread any time we are approaching big or interesting events (unless told otherwise).


That is all from me! I will quickly throw the first updates into the comment section the moment something interesting starts happening. The next thread will be up on 2/9, right around the time of the opening ceremony. It will also include a quick breakdown of everything that happened so far, as some of the events will be underway already.

Keep it cool, keep frosty, keep it safe and good luck to every participating nation!