“The Good Place” Discussion: Torture Ideas

Suppose you are put in charge of Neighborhood 12358W. Your assignment is to torture Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason (ideally, by making them torture each other) while also making them believe they’re in the Good Place. What would you do to make their afterlives miserable?

My idea: Neighborhood Beauty Contest. Tahani would volunteer for it almost immediately. Eleanor could be made to join if you made it seem like refusing would hurt her cover. And you could rope Chidi into being the contest’s judge, saying he’s the only one in the Neighborhood everyone trusts to be impartial, not letting friendship with the contestants affect his decision. Eleanor and Tahani end up at each other’s throats over the competition, while Chidi collapses into a black hole of a stomach ache from having to decide on a winner.

As for Jason . . . just tell him the contest is happening, but prevent him from seeing the swimsuit competition.