The Big Game Day Thread 2/4

If advertisers are anything to go by, it sounds like big game is totally in again this week! I don’t know what lions and zebras need with all those big screen TVs and appliances, but they’re apparently on sale for the big game.  While a gruesome practice, big game has led to some of the most enduring gags in pop culture, from Looney Tunes to the Muppet Show.

Do you use antlers in all of your decorating?  Someone does and he wrote a great song about it too!

Remember when a polar bear fell on someone, and it was weirdly the last line in a Patrick Swayze action movie?

Then there was this ad, where everything from a dog to a deer head mounted on a wall began to shake and shimmy.

The energy drink ad aired in 2015 during the Super B-

Any use of this telecast or any pictures, descriptions, accounts of the game, or use of the term describing the “big game” without the NFL's consent is prohibited.