Pop Culture Clothes You Want

I love (Mad )Max Rockatansky’s jacket. After watching Road Warrior dozens of times as a kid, I gained a real appreciation for that piece of a leather, with it’s cool shoulder pad and missing sleeve. Some theorize that the missing sleeve is a call back to Max’s arm being broken at the end of the first film, presumably paramedics would have cut the sleeve off to set his arm. Given that director George Miller was an ER doctor, it’s a plausible thesis.

mad max jacket

Fortunately, the jacket survived the downward spiral of Mel Gibson, and  came back in a nifty, more grungy and damaged form with Tom Hardy in <i>Fury Road</i>. I’m not a car guy, but damn do I love me a nice jacket.

So, what pop culture outfits would you like in your closet?