Jeopardy! recap for Thur., Feb. 1

Jeopardy! recap for Thur., Feb. 1 – Today’s contestants are:

– Justin, an English teacher from Cheyenne, WY, who met his wife on stage during a melodrama;
– Sara, an attorney from Washington, DC, who told readers of sign language that “I can win this game”; and
– Ryan, a banker from SeaTac, WA, who is popular because his job is to manage all the cash. Ryan is a three-day champ with $67,399.

In a change of pace, instead of coming from behind, Ryan was defending his lead most of the way here. But a dreadful wagering error on DD3, similar to the one he made on the previous show, cost him first place going into FJ with $11,400 vs. $12,200 for Justin and $6,600 for Sara.

DD1 – LITERARY TERMS – 3 types of conflict are man against man, man against himself & this title of an anthology with Hemingway & Heyerdahl (Ryan won $2,000)

DD2 – TOTALLY METAL, DUDE – A beam of cesium is a prime component of this extremely accurate device; the first experimental one was built in 1949 (Sara lost $2,000)

DD3 – TV SHOWS IN OTHER WORDS – “Homely Boop” (Ryan lost $4,000 – there was one other $2,000 clue remaining and Ryan had $15,400 vs. $12,200 for Justin. With a wager of less than $1,200, Ryan could have wrapped up the lead going into FJ.)

FJ – U.S. AUTHORS – In his 1958 essay “Essentials of Spontaneous Prose”, he compared a writing technique to a jazz musician’s style

It seemed that this FJ category would be perfect for English teacher Justin, but instead it was Ryan who was the only player correct (despite leaving out the middle letter in the last name). Ryan chose to give up a chance at a possible Triple Stumper win and nearly doubled up to $22,799 and a four-day total of $90,198.

That’s before our time: No one knew the 1962 film classic starring Peter O’Toole was “Lawrence of Arabia”.

Football follies: There were five straight stand-and-stares in a category about the gridiron sport, which was a foregone conclusion after the second clue, when the players couldn’t associate Tom Landry with the Dallas Cowboys. Most embarrassing about that triple-miss is they don’t know “King of the Hill”.

One more thing: Ryan did a truly “excellent” impression of Mr. Burns, much better than his imitation of the Daily Double sound effect.

Correct Qs:

DD1 – What is “Man Against Nature”?
DD2 – What is an atomic clock?
DD3 – What is “Ugly Betty”?
FJ – Who was Jack Kerouac?