Video Game Science Casting Call #2

Hello y’all! Gonna be recording the next Video Game Science this weekend on Sunday! I have nothing to do that day so we can do it anytime!

What is Video Game Science? It’s a let’s play-like series I’m doing with fellow guacs. Usually older games, that many haven’t heard of or haven’t thought about in a while.

If you’re up for it, have a decent mike (doesn’t have to be great, just OK) and an internet connection good enough to record audio and stream my view of the game (through Skype) then holler!

You don’t have to be a really into vidya games to take part, so don’t sweat it.

This edition will feature… Swat 4! A game in which you scream at people a LOT.

Also- if you wanna pitch a game that we could do next time, post a comment, and I’ll see what I can do!