Werewolves 51: Cryptography The Stirring Conclusion

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I don’t know what to tell you, but we are finally coming to an end.  As Admirax raves about Lindsay and chickens a building sound of terror starts to envelop the room.  It’s as if the fires of hell are reaching up to engulf everyone whole.  The madness is palpable as the scene builds to a climax, Lindsay‘s innocent town body hanging behind them.

Lights go out and that sound cuts out.  They return only seconds later, but for Admirax it is too late.  One more dead townie torn to pieces.  One less person who is making it out of this situation alive, assuming any of you actually will.

Let’s reflect back on everything I’ve told you one last time.  You could have save them, I gave you all the clues.  There’s nothing more I can give you, no last hints.  Their blood is on your hands, let’s see if you can finally rid this world of the last bits of evil.

1. RobertPostsChild
2. forget_it_jake
3. MacCrocodile
4. Admirax
5. E-Dog
6. Mello Yello Enthusiast
7. Colonel Mustard
8. Terrible Renegade LibraryLass
9. Capt.LindsayFunke
10. Captain Video
11. Smapti Jones
12. Doctor Nick
13. Subsaharan
14. April Ludgate-Karate-Dwyer
15. Candide
16. LetItSnowen1120
17. spookyfriend
18. HolsATuringFanGirl
19. Tobias Morpheus
20. Spiny Creature