Relationships: Love, Sex and Death

Love, Sex and Death


The Ghost of Eros Past
Being a discussion and recollection of those we love and those we’ve loved.


Who have you loved that has been lost to you? Who are you with now that you fear to lose? What regrets do you have from past relationships? What mistakes will you not make again?


What have you learned? Who are you now that someone once taught you? What joy and recompense are your delight today? If you have the warmth of companionship, share its warmth.


It’s a cold winter night. Come around the fire and share your story.

be respectful of others and others’ privacy, don’t start shit, and don’t feel obliged to say anything if you don’t want to.

ask any questions you might have, share troubles or hangups.

It’s your thread, I just started it.  You don’t have to stay sober.  I mean somber.   You understand!