“No Entry” Paranoia Agent S1E11

Paranoia Agent, Season 1 Episode 10
No Entry
Grade: D-

On a TV interview to promote the new Maromi anime, Tsukiko praises the increasing popularity of Maromi and hopes that she’ll spread her ‘peace’ to many more people. In tandem with Maromi’s influence, Lil’ Slugger seems also to be gaining strength, with the gossip about him describing him as a giant devil-creature.

Misae, former detective Ikari’s wife, turns down a life-saving medical treatment due to her husband being fired and his being forced to work as a security guard, and in so doing summons Lil’ Slugger. Misae however, has changed her mind, and subjects Lil’ Slugger to a narrative of her life so as to explain why, the creature growing in strength as she describes confusion and doubt, and shrinking in size and aggression when she arrives at certainty. Finally, when she equates Maromi and Lil’ Slugger as offering false deliverance, Lil’ Slugger screams and vanishes.

Meanwhile, ex-detective Ikari is having a good time reminiscing about the good old days with his new coworker, the first criminal he ever caught. They go out for a drink together and Ikari comes to the conclusion that time has passed him by for good. His companion disagrees and shows him outside to where the animation style has changed and people act like how Ikari described the world of his youth. Ikari chases a criminal into an alley, finding only a Maromi keychain. Ex-detective Maniwa visits Misae to see her house in ruins and to find that Ikari hasn’t come home.