What Pop Culture Has Surprised You For the Better?

There’s a certain feeling of ecstasy that comes when you are watching a movie you were at least somewhat unsure about and say to yourself “Wow, I’m actually really enjoying this!” We all love it when a film lives up to our expectations, but when it exceeds them, that’s something special in and of itself.

My go-to example on this matter is Trolls, something which I think no one initially had much optimism for, and I walked in not knowing if it would be something I’d like or something that was deserving of the “worst idea DreamWorks has ever had” title which some had prematurely labelled it with. So I experienced both surprise and delight as I found myself smiling over and over again, enamored by the film’s catching pop songs and touched by its unexpectedly sincere message.

There are other times I’ve gone through this feeling, of course. Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant was a film I was on the fence about going on but ended up being extremely glad I saw in the theater over the Halloween weekend that year. Justice League was a film I wasn’t sure what to expect from after reading the negative buzz from Rotten Tomatoes, but within ten minutes, I was fully on board with its sheer entertainment value and muttering to myself “haters gonna hate.” Even the Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was something I was taken aback on, as I never knew the franchise could be that…well, good.

So how about it, fellow Avocados? What are your experiences of pop culture surprising you in a good way over the years?