“MHz” Paranoia Agent S1E7

Paranoia Agent, Season 1 Episode 7
Grade: A-

Someone, in a computer terminal-lit room, is listening to MHz signals (well, someone had better be connecting the dots, because the series has been getting increasingly metaphysical of late).

Makoto cuts a significantly more pathetic figure in his second appearance. Soon, he breaks down completely, admitting that he only attacked Shougo and Masami, attacks notably different from the rest in that the victims had a lack of an actual need to be attacked. Detective Maniwa, having visions of the mysterious old man  concludes that Lil’ Slugger isn’t entirely flesh and blood, and is met with a firm, but polite request by Ikari for him to take some time off.

But Maniwa figured out the pattern, and he knows who’s next. He and Ikari race to where Makoto is being held, but it’s too late. His identical look alike, the actual Lil’ Slugger, is seen standing in the doorway with his bat dripping with blood before disappearing through the station’s walls. Makoto, lying dead, is pronounced to the general public as a suicide, the public embarrassment of which is enough to end both detectives’ careers.

And it turns out to Maniwa, still picking up the signal he’s been tracking throughout the series, who becomes the recluse, a lone voice tracking some sort of viral signal madness out loose in the city.