Parental Guidance January 27, 2018: Development

Hello and welcome to Parental Guidance, The Avocado’s Weekly thread for parents, prospective parents, caregivers and other lunatics 1 who think they have what it takes to raise some humans. Each week I, Corn, and/or Miss Rim will put up a thread with a discussion prompt and open the floor to all parents who may be looking for advice, sharing a fun experience, or just venting about how goddamn maddening this crazyass responsibility can be.

This week’s topic: Development

Do you ever worry that your children are behind on some part of their normal development? I’m fairly sure that every parent does, and in many cases they are. Talk about things that are taking a lot longer than you thought they would, or even areas where they may be a little advanced. Everybody grows and develops at their own rate — what’s important is that we continue to provide the positive support they need to facilitate that growth.